My Little Universe MOD 2.10.1 (Menu, Full Money, Unlimited Resources, Max Level, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/05/2024
My Little Universe MOD {{version}} (Menu, Full Money, Unlimited Resources, Max Level, Unlocked)
Name My Little Universe
Version v2.10.1
Size 215MB
MOD Features Menu, Full Money, Unlimited Resources, Max Level, Unlocked
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


My Little Universe is an extremely interesting game that you will not be able to miss. Because of the attractiveness and drama in the action battles of the game. You will play as a stick man to explore all the lands to earn money to build your own kingdom. Exploration in different terrains will have different obstacles. Monsters are everywhere that you need to destroy if you want to take away resources. There are 8 terrains equivalent to 8 types of monsters that you will need to overcome all of them. Each resource collected always carries a certain value for you to use. Combine them together to create the most advanced equipment.

Download My Little Universe Mod – A Journey To Build Your Own Country

In My Little Universe, you will simply build buildings to make your country richer and stronger. But the journey to gather resources to build is the interesting thing of the game. When you first start participating in the game, you will exploit the easiest places. There’s hardly too much to stand in your way here. But as soon as you have gradually understood the law, all difficulties will begin to appear. Buildings that require a large number of resources and rarer things. The gates are harder to pass as you get there. It takes a skilled player and powerful enough equipment to defeat them.

My Little Universe Mod

The game begins

Building your own country in game My Little Universe will be a long process. The process becomes more interesting when there are many different map gates. The monsters on each map have their own unique shape. Just like the resource element also becomes separate in each place. When you need something, you will go there to fight and get yourself the desired amount of resources. Build huge fortresses showing the power and wealth of your country. There are so many works that you will wish to have. So the wars in the game will never end.

Game My Little Universe Mod

Attractive Features

In My Little Universe Mod, you will need to constantly upgrade and purchase equipment for your character. The equipment carries stats such as health, attack, defense… These stats will significantly increase the strength of your character. Forge them by combining the elements that you collect in the stages. The stronger the equipment, the more resources it will cost and moreover, the extremely rare elements. But you need to work very hard to get it. The desire for the most powerful advanced equipment will be the motivation for you to overcome it all. All your efforts will pay off over time.

Tai My Little Universe Mod

Graphics And Sound Of The Game

Version My Little Universe is a game with minimal graphics. When the picture here is made very simple with everything. There are not too many details and colors in this game, which is also the intention of the publisher. Attracted by the gameplay with interesting features. Not too fussy about graphics to give players a smooth and smooth experience. Can fit most mobile devices on the market today. The fun sound effects combined will bring you a more wonderful experience. You will immerse yourself in fiery battles in many different terrains in this game.

Download My Little Universe Mod

You will own extremely useful features when participating in the game version My Little Universe Mod. An unlimited amount of resources is something you will own immediately when you first start participating. This advantage is a critical thing that will keep you in all your combat journeys. When possessing this abundant resource, the equivalent of the strongest equipment will belong to you. Buildings are now easier to build. The monsters will also become much weaker with the equipment you get. Killing them all is easier than ever. Experience the game with the favor that the developer of the My Little Universe Mod version gives you.

Interesting things in My Little Universe

  • At first you see a small man on a rocket ship. And finally a brilliant planet built with just those tiny hands.
  • Mine, accumulate 15 different types of resources and use them to create a beautiful planet.
  • Use your pickaxe to fight monsters, break rocks, dig minerals, mine gold.
  • As civilization develops, you can set up industrial facilities to smelt metals, process minerals and craft 8 more weapons and tools for mining.
  • There are 10 types of environments in the game for you to build, explore, and exploit.
  • But beware of monsters – 8 types of enemies are ready to stop your intentions.
  • Game graphics are simple but eye-catching, rich sound combination increases the attractiveness of the game.
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