My Magical Girlfriends Mod APK 2.0.6 (Free Premium Choices)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/11/2023
My Magical Girlfriends Mod APK 2.0.6 (Free Premium Choices)
Name My Magical Girlfriends : Anime Dating Sim
Version v2.0.6
Size 18MB
MOD Features Free Premium Choices
Support Android 5.0
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers Genius Studio Japan Inc.


My Magical Girlfriends Mod is a game based on Japanese animation. And developed by the Genius Studio Japan Inc team. Where players will be entered into many different situations. Revolving around three beautiful girls. When encountered they are special people who possess magic. But it’s a secret that can’t be let anyone know. Also from here, the story will begin and love is gradually rekindled. When players will have to accompany them in daily life. Of course, it is inevitable that different cases will occur. Make your choice to handle it all, when every decision will correspond to the action taken. How life will progress is up to the player himself. Relax and enjoy every moment to have a clear feeling of love.

Download My Magical Girlfriends Mod – Try Starting A Relationship With Pretty Anime Girls

Do you want to experience being loved or simply stop learning? My Magical Girlfriend’s Mod will help make that wish come true. When building an extremely attractive story, there is a bit of magic element mixed in. To increase the interest as well as the characteristic nature of the anime genre. Joining the game, players will be playing the role of a boy. Randomly came across a girl named Elise and found out that it was a secret that was supposed to be hidden. Since then, I have met two more friends, all of whom are of the same age and are very compatible, so they make friends. But things are not so simple, through contact there will be situations that are set. Requires players to choose to take certain actions in response. With each option, there will be stories behind it. Try to feel when you are with girls.Tai My Magical Girlfriends Mod

Each Character Each Personality

In My Magical Girlfriends Mod, in addition to the player, there are only three other characters. And the storyline will run through and revolve around those three girls. The shape of them goes without saying, each has its own unique characteristics and is very cute. But the point worth mentioning here is about personality when all three play together and are very close to each other. But each person will have their own behaviors, circumstances, and preferences. For example, Elise requires very high perfection, and almost wants to do everything herself. And Effie is not actually human, but created from magic. Almost due to being hurt, I lost faith in everything. Players will have to think of a way to make her open up. Charlotte, in contrast to Effie, is very open-minded, always cheerful, and loves life.Game My Magical Girlfriends Mod

Designed Content

The most important thing for storytelling games like My Magical Girlfriends Mod is the content. It can be considered a soul. Players who want to interact with the character will also have to rely on it. When it’s all pre-built. The only job to do is to make a choice. When faced with certain situations that need to be handled. Will appear on the screen with the opponent’s question. Following that are two answers with different meanings and actions. Making a plan will directly determine the story that continues behind. So think carefully, think about the possibility that might happen. Do you want to have a beautiful love story or gradually fade over time, even friendship is no longer there.My Magical Girlfriends Mod

Graphical Interface

Graphics are what determine whether players will join the experience or not. Because of knowing that problem, the developer of My Magical Girlfriends Mod did not dare to be sketchy during the construction. Which invests a lot of effort into the design and construction of the image. Not too many characters though. But each person exudes a unique beauty, depicting many aspects of personality. Portraits of sweet anime girls filled with cuteness. The images are extremely realistic, the content is also very well-organized. Makes players feel like they’re really being integrated into the story itself.Download My Magical Girlfriends Mod

My Magical Girlfriends Mod is built quite simply. There are no action scenes or battlefields. All are shown only in writing in different given situations. Questions as well as suggestions to answer. But that’s not all. The original version also has certain limitations. There will be locked selections that cannot be pressed. Very inconvenient and annoying, sometimes that option is the answer that the player wants. Knowing that the mod is made with free Premium Choices. Make all features an unlocked, comfortable experience.

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