My Talking Angela Mod (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
My Talking Angela Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name My Talking Angela
Version v7.0.2.5719
Size 100MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0+
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Outfit7 Limited


Have you ever thought that your phone can pet a pet? If you do not know how to raise a pet right on the phone. Then join My Talking Angela Mod. Here comes an extremely attractive mobile cat. For those who have a hobby of pets but do not have the time and conditions to raise them. Although it is a virtual cat, it also has many very special features. Like talking to their owners every day, making them laugh every time you touch them, going out and playing interesting mini-games, etc. Be the babysitter of this super cute cat. Health care and daily activities. Will not feel lonely because this cat will always be alone with you. Carry your phone with you wherever you go.

Download My Talking Angela Mod – Experience Raising Cats On Your Phone

First of all, by participating in My Talking Angela Mod can customize the name and year of birth of cats. Every player starts with a cat at level 1. Depending on the skill and care of each person, the cat evolves to different levels. Baby’s daily activities such as: eating, sleeping, playing, petting… Need to take care and repeat daily as many times as a real cat. The screen will show all actions for the player to perform. The game takes pink as the main color. So it is very suitable for girls who love pink. The level of the game increases gradually according to the size of the cat. As they level up, they become taller in both appearance and height. You will notice this change every time you go through each level.Game My Talking Angela Mod

Caring for cats

My Talking Angela Mod brings a realistic experience to players. Like a real-life pet. The cat will not be able to eat and drink on its own. Everyday activities need you to work in order for them to develop. To have fun energy, go to the shop to buy food for them. Or sleeping pills if the cat shows signs of drowsiness. When they finish playing the mini-game, they may be hungry. Give them the foods they want to eat. Notice the icons that appear on top, to choose the most appropriate food. Activities like going to the toilet every day also need to be done in a cyclical manner. The game is built based on the cyclical principle of cats in reality. Let your cat play mini games every day so they can grow quickly.My Talking Angela Mod

Lots of beautiful outfits

Something that everyone, especially girls, have the same interests in My Talking Angela Mod. These are beautiful and satisfying outfits. Understanding that, the game publisher Outfit7 Limited has equipped this game with hundreds of splendid costumes. Includes outfits with different designs. There are costumes that you only see in movies. From simple to complex, from cheap to expensive, everything appears in this. Players can also dress up our cats. I’m sure this is a feature most girls like. There is a separate toilet for cats, you can dress them up as you like. Make up a dream cat character in any of his own My Talking Angela Mod

Rich mini-games

If all day in the house that you designed for cats in My Talking Angela Mod. Over time, players will get bored and don’t want to play anymore. To prevent this from happening. The publisher has opened an amusement park with many attractive mini-games. Join the game and win, and will get a bonus. Use this money to buy items and items for cats. Bringing a system of mini-games for users to experience such as Puzzle, Fly, Control Panel, Break the mouse… Each game has its own rules. Read the rules carefully before starting the game so as not to be surprised.My Talking Angela Mod

My Talking Angela Mod is a game for everyone, of all ages from young to old. It’s a national game. Because now pets have become very popular. Regardless of age or limitation. Here gamers will experience moments of extremely fun entertainment with their cat. Along with the unique Mod, the feature will help a lot in the user experience. Now you don’t need to worry about earning money to feed the cat. Or feel free to add your favorite clothes to the collection. Buy delicious food or potions whenever you want to increase your cat’s health… There are many new features to experience and explore.

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