Off The Road MOD 1.15.5 (Menu, Unlimited money, VIP, Unlocked all cars)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/01/2024
Off The Road MOD 1.15.5 (Menu, Unlimited money, VIP, Unlocked all cars)
Name Off The Road
Version v1.15.5
Size 366MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, VIP, Unlocked all cars
Support Android 4.1
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers DogByte Games


No need to be a true backpacker or racer, you can still experience the thrill of riding on a cool car. Off The Road (OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game) is an off-road driving game with many different types of vehicles. Not on a beautiful day on a convertible on the street. You will drive through thousands of difficult and dangerous challenges. Rich system of 4-wheel vehicles, airplanes and ships, diverse terrains. The feeling of adventure on cars and dangerous terrains is so interesting. No need to risk the sun and wind to go to far away places. Now you just need a smartphone to fully experience that feeling.

Download Off The Road Mod – Exciting adventure with Offroad Car Driving Game

With the theme of obstacle racing is no stranger to you. But Off The Road will have special things that make you feel interesting. You will play the role of the driver of a car, a ship or even an airplane. Overcoming the gates, the terrain is full of dangerous and difficult to reach the destination safely. Whether on land, underwater or in the air, there are places that players can experience and conquer. OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game has cars, helicopters, boats, rigs and some other special vehicles. The gameplay of the game is highly appreciated for its creativity as well as the quality of sound graphics.

Download Off the road MOD

Diverse terrain, rich vehicles!

Off The Road Mod has a very diverse racing terrain system. With all kinds of unique and strange criteria for you. Have you ever imagined the car you were driving precariously between the two sides of the hill. Or the ship seems to be crashing into floating icebergs. OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game is a game that brings many rare situations in real life like that. Realistic experiences, helping players to overcome their own limits. Feeling that everything in front of you is difficult and challenging. But let’s enjoy the joy when we persevere through without giving up. Never hesitate to challenge yourself.

Along with the diversity of terrain is the abundance of vehicles. You can’t ride a motorbike on the sea, right? On the surface of our country there are types such as ships, boats or canoes. It is also moving by boat on the sea, but the game has a different color than Warship Battle. Depending on the different types of terrain, you should choose the appropriate means. Each type of vehicle will have its own control methods. Although it is not too difficult, it takes time to get used to and practice skills.


Exciting quest

Like many other games, Off the Road game also has missions that you must overcome. You need to control vehicles to transport goods to specified places. Not constrained like other transport games, in the game you are free to move. Besides the transportation task, players also have other equally interesting tasks. You can unlock a vehicle and upgrade your vehicle to a higher level.

The difficulty of the game will gradually increase according to what you perform. For new players, the task will not be difficult. Don’t just see that and think this game is boring. Behind are a series of thorny missions for you. The longer you play, the more interesting things you will discover. With the vehicle system in OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game, you can confidently talk about any type of vehicle with your friends. Knowledge and proficiency will definitely improve after completing the levels here.

Game Off The Road MOD

Graphics and sound in Off The Road

Diverse terrain is depicted by super smooth 3D images. Make the player seem to be caught up in that arduous journey. Take the main color as a bright color, helping players feel excited and comfortable. The cars and boats in Off the Road Mod are depicted in the most realistic way. It can be seen through the dented car tracks, the deformation of the chassis. Players feel the authenticity as if they were on that car. OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game‘s sound system is impeccable. The sound of the engine, the engine or the impact of the cars always creates excitement for players. Besides, creating more excitement and drama for players through rugged deserts and mountainous terrain. Or the fast flowing rivers… all perfectly portrayed.

Hack Off The Road Mod APK

Currently, the game Off the Road is developed on both iOS and Android platforms. You will not have to pay too much attention to the items you collect along the way. Because there is a hacked version with many attractive features. This version, you will have unlimited money to be able to buy yourself any items. Or what kind of car I like without having to worry about the price. That will make it easier for you to start off before you have everything you need. Download OTR – Offroad Car Driving Game and drive now

The best feature of Off The Road Mod

  • Many vehicles for you to control, but need to unlock with money.
  • Beautiful, vivid graphics, realistic simulation context.
  • Smooth control system, vibration effects create a feeling of control like the real thing.
  • Simulate many types of damage that the vehicle may encounter such as frame deformation, tire pressure when transporting too much
  • Large map with difficult terrains such as deserts, hills, sea.

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