Operate Now: Hospital Mod 1.54.6 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/02/2024
Operate Now: Hospital Mod 1.54.6 (Unlimited Money)
Name Operate Now: Hospital
Version v1.54.6
Size 56MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Azerion Casual


Operate Now Mod was created and developed by the Azerion Casual team. With the desire to show players a true view of the medical profession. Or rather, the surgical work of the human body. Join the game, players can not only become the manager of the hospital to run everything. It will also be personally involved in the treatment and diagnosis of the patient. In reality, that opportunity only exists in dreams. But for games, the dream will come true when everything is simulated correctly. With countless challenges presented. These are the patients who experience trauma cases due to many reasons. Try your best, and focus on each task. Although only in the game, not so sketchy, be a dedicated person.

Download Operate Now Mod – To Be Involved In Surgery And Hospital Management

To be able to play Operate Now Mod is also quite difficult, especially in the early stages. So when you first enter the game, the player will have a companion, a nurse. Has a duty to introduce all the functions and the work that needs to be done. Even with surgery, it is necessary to have someone to support and remind you every step of the way. The game is created with a lot of challenges while being a doctor is not easy. When it is directly related to human life. Therefore, participating players will have to try very hard. While at the same time have to manage the hospital. Again, you have to do the rescue work yourself. Initially, it may be small cases of broken arms or broken legs. But there’s also no shortage of critically ill patients. The requirements are very high in workmanship, requiring meticulousness and precision in each toolpath. But don’t be afraid to see it,Operate Now Mod

Real Surgery

It can be said that Operate Now Mod is one of the most realistic surgery games. While other games of the same genre are very sloppy. The game is extremely detailed, divided into several stages to perform. Corresponding to it are various tools that have been prepared. Just wait for the player to choose to be able to use it. Know that not everyone is in the medical profession when experiencing. So everything has instructions displayed with lines or numbers to indicate the status. But as for the operation, it still requires the player, if it is wrong, it can completely lead to death. Improper puncture also appears in blood flow as well as cardiovascular flow. Each thing that is done is directly imaged onto the patient visible to the naked eye.Game Operate Now Mod

Employee Selection

As everyone knows, the medical industry requires extremely high qualifications. Even simulated through the game Operate Now Mod that remains the same. The doctor is the most important while the other staff members are not lacking. Each person creates a group in the work of healing, it is not possible to shoulder it all alone. So if there is a complete shortage of human resources, players can recruit more. To ensure patients receive the best treatment. As the hospital expands, the workload will gradually increase. But not so that it is indiscriminate, choose for the right purpose. Where there is a shortage, it will be compensated to avoid causing waste.Download Operate Now Mod

Never Stop Upgrading

Upgrading is inevitable for any game. For Operate Now Mod, it is even more necessary. When everything will decide directly by the human network. If sketchy, it requires high skill, but even so, the risk will still be great. While upgrading will make machines and equipment more modern. With high technology, everything will definitely become easier. When the operations are performed will be extremely accurate. Just as simple as talking about light, with good bulbs there will be no shadows. While the old one is not even bright enough. Not to mention the things that require absolute perfection. In the same way in the diagnosis, just using the testing machine can accurately know the disease.Tai Operate Now Mod

Operate Now Mod is a rebuilt version with some modifications. Including the unlimited money mod feature. As soon as you enter the game, your account will increase rapidly and reach the limit. Using it does not cause it to change its value. Feel free to use it to shop for the most expensive equipment and use services. Ensure the patient’s rescue and treatment, and increase the treatable rate to high. Of course, there will also be ways to earn money, but it will take a lot of time. While the sick can’t wait.

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