Parkour Simulator 3D Mod APK 3.6.3 (Unlimited Respects)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 02/10/2023
Parkour Simulator 3D Mod APK 3.6.3 (Unlimited Respects)
Name Parkour Simulator 3D
Version 3.6.3
MOD Features Unlimited Respects
Size 81MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Akadem


Inspired by street parkour gameplay. Developer Akadem has provided players with the Parkour Simulator 3D Mod game. This is a simulation game with extremely attractive gameplay. You will transform into a character in the game. Get his name to participate in street races. Here, compete with other players. The race is extremely exciting and exciting. Show parkour skills to overcome all obstacles. Take action and get to the finish line quickly. With the aim of becoming a parkour master, and win the respect of all other players. The game gives you moments of interesting entertainment. With many opportunities to experience different paths and environments. At the same time practice skills more and more flexible.

Download Parkour Simulator 3D Mod – Participate in Races with Ultimate Parkour Skills

The gameplay of Parkour Simulator 3D Mod is quite simple. Bring an exciting feeling through each round. When starting to participate, the character will run forward, while avoiding obstacles. Your task is to move flexibly to avoid obstacles. Perform difficult parkour skills to get high scores. From there, get gold coins every time you successfully overcome obstacles. At the same time, the number of points collected also increases. Or can choose to walk in a straight line and not perform any parkour skills. It will be safe then, but you won’t get gold coins. The race only ends until you reach the finish line, or fall more than 3 times when hitting an obstacle. After reaching the finish line, you will receive a bonus according to your achievements in the race. At the same time, bring home the gold cup after each achievement.Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Attractive gameplay

Showing Parkour skills is one of the most important factors when participating in Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. So since its launch, it has received a lot of support from gamers. Requires the player’s ability to observe and skill. Pass or dodge each obstacle flexibly in turn. The number of points will help you get more attractive rewards. The race goes on, you have up to 3 lives. Every time you collide with an obstacle, you will lose your life. Compete not only with other players. Sometimes you have to enter races alone with limited visibility. Many difficulties and obstacles suddenly appear, making you very easy to have an accident and lose your life.Ear Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Control mechanism

Start the first lap in Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. Players will be guided by the system on how to perform and parkour skills so skillfully. Swipe up to jump, down to roll. Combine horizontal swipe to change character trajectory. In general, the control mechanism of the game is not complicated to implement. However, the most difficult thing is the flexible combination of operations. In every process, parkour skills will help you jump and slide to earn points by overcoming obstacles. Running only helps you avoid obstacles in a simple way, but will not get a high score. Therefore, improve your skills, through participating races. This will have better results for the next races.Game Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Unique mode

Parkour Simulator 3D Mod opens the exciting mode. From there, players can unleash the experience. Includes Parkour and Freestyle. For parkour mode, you will participate in races with other opponents. Compete with them and show off your skills to overcome obstacles. Thereby surpassing the number of points that the opponent wins by finishing the fastest. If you join Freestyle mode there are no competitors and only run alone. The obstacles appear more and the running speed is very fast. Here, it is necessary to focus on observing and moving quickly. Just one small mistake or loss of concentration will cost you your Parkour Simulator 3D Mod

Join parkour races in Parkour Simulator 3D Mod. Not just showing off top parkour skills. You also have the opportunity to experience 3D graphics. Also in the city, the docks, the harbor, in the dark tunnels, on the roofs of tall buildings. And many other locations are meticulously shown. There, there are also many different obstacles appearing in many locations. For example, in the city, you have to jump on wooden boards and dodge boxes. Or roll on an iron rod suspended in the air. Overcome each obstacle in turn and reach the finish line faster. Combine it with realistic sounds through character actions. With live music throughout the race. Create a feeling for players to burn their best in each round.

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