Pixel Gun 3D Mod 24.5.0 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, 1 Hit, Health, Armor, VIP)

By MinhDuc - New update 31/05/2024
Pixel Gun 3D Mod {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, 1 Hit, Health, Armor, VIP)
Name Pixel Gun 3D
Version v24.5.0
Size 99MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Ammo, 1 Hit, Health, Armor, VIP
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Pixel Gun 3D


If you are fed up with the old design and shooter games on the market. Then Pixel Gun 3D will bring a new experience. Is an online shooting game that has been well received by many players since its launch. With a classic design similar to Minecraft PE, giving you exciting battles with friends with dozens of game modes. The game allows players to explore hundreds of different weapons. And many rich and diverse maps make the player’s feeling go up. A series of important events and dramatic daily quests are waiting for you. Along with that, you can connect friends, form guilds to compete with other alliances on the leaderboard.

Download Pixel Gun 3D Mod – FPS gameplay with blocky graphics

Currently, the survival shooter genre is storming the mobile platform. Pixel Gun 3D is one of them and has been well received by users since its launch. Attract millions of users to the experience. The game offers a different survival experience in the first person on the block 3D graphics platform. But the gameplay still retains the most basic principles of the online survival game genre.

tai Pixel Gun 3D mod

As for the image, perhaps the manufacturer was inspired by the legendary game Minecraft. 1 survival game with famous cubes. Game Pixel Gun 3D was released in 2014 so it can be said. This is one of the pioneering games in multiplayer survival gunfight. Because since PUBG Mobile or Free Fire was released, this gameplay has become widely popular.

Large map

Players will start fighting with 99 other players. The plane will drop you and those 99 players on the same limited map. Since setting foot on the map, the battle for survival has been fierce. You will have to fight other players all over the world converging in Pixel Gun 3D Mod. The ultimate goal is to survive and win for promotion. You need to do everything to fight other opponents. Even running away to be the last survivor. Besides this typical mode, players can also experience countless other modes.

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Explore dozens of survival challenges

There are popular game modes that you cannot miss in Pixel Gun 3D. Besides the survival arena mode, you can participate in Raid, Deathmatch, Duel modes. And many other challenges are waiting for players to discover. The game also features quick matches that rotate every week. Allows you to solo, compete with your friends. Besides, you can also find interesting mini-games. Such as sniper tournament, parkour challenge, roller coaster contest, etc. As can be seen, the game meets all your requirements, allowing you to show your shooting talent when being chased by the enemy. In particular, each challenge gives you more skills to be able to survive in a better way.

game Pixel Gun 3D mod

In addition, the Pixel Gun 3D Mod also allows players to link up with allies in clan wars. Unite with your clan’s allies and take your clan to the top of the leaderboard. To receive the state valuable prizes. Don’t hesitate to join your allies in challenges and have fun in each mode. However, regardless of the mode, the player needs to master the skills. And maneuvers when fighting to gain an advantage and create fun when competing with other players. In combat, the ability to move, observe and aim is of the utmost importance. But it is also indispensable for a specific strategy.

Weapon system

Pixel Gun 3D is the leading game about weapons. So far, there have been more than 1000 different weapons, ranging from long-range to close-range and heavy weapons. Players can see classic weapons such as shields, medieval spears. To modern weapons such as laser guns, state-of-the-art material generators, etc… But guns are still popular and specialized weapons because of their great damage and quick finish of the opponent. For example pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and many more. And there are grenades too, it’s like a weapon with long-range destructive power over a very large range. Besides the offensive weapons there are also energy shields etc…

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Overall, this is a survival game not to be missed. Because of the interesting gameplay and images it brings us. Along with that is the free version of Pixel Gun 3D hack Unlimited Ammo at COROMOD. Bringing players the most optimal experience. You can shop the most modern guns into the collection. Or do not need to worry about being attacked by the enemy because you have money to buy energy shields. Helps protect you from attacks from opponents. Do not hesitate to join the game and be a part of this bustling survival battleground. Fight hard for an overwhelming victory over your opponents

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