Pixel Rush Mod APK 1.5.10 (Free Upgrade)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/01/2024
Pixel Rush Mod APK 1.5.10 (Free Upgrade)
Name Pixel Rush - Obstacle Course
Version v1.5.10
Size 99MB
MOD Features Free upgrade
Support Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers SayGames


Pixel Rush Mod is a hands-free entertainment game for all ages to participate. You will experience the most fun entertainment moments wherever and whenever you want. A game where you don’t need to spend too much time playing the game. A very effective relaxation tool for those who do not have much time for leisure. The same boy is stacked with tiny pixels that add up. Move on a journey full of thorns and difficult challenges ahead. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in this exciting entertainment game.

Download Pixel Rush Mod – Pixel Boy’s Obstacle Journey

Pixel Rush Mod is a game that you can download and join for free. The fast-paced entertainment genre has become a powerful wave attracting hundreds of millions of participants worldwide. Because of the convenience and unstoppable addictiveness of the gameplay. Following that constant attraction, you have seen the birth of the game Pixel Rush Mod. The pixel boy that you control is very easy to break part of his body when encountering obstacles. Your job will be to move as little damage as possible. And then pick up the pixel pieces to make up for the larger body. Simple, but such small factors have created an extremely attractive game that you will definitely not be able to miss.

Download Pixel Rush Mod

Opening the Race

Pixel Rush Mod is a game that has been released completely for free on both Android and iOS operating systems. The game is suitable for young children to everyone who can use it easily. Tutorials will almost certainly be unnecessary when you first start the game. Because you will know how to use it immediately after the first 1-2 stages of the opening. On a running track, there will be 3 lanes for you to move back and forth. Control the character by swiping gestures on your phone screen. How to play is as simple as that, but to become a good player depends on many factors. Speed ​​handling skills and the ability to observe the objects in front of you are the core things for you to achieve the maximum score.

Game Pixel Rush Mod

Interesting Features

Pixel Rush Mod has a lot of interesting features that add to this fascinating gameplay for you. You will need to overcome a lot of races with different terrain to be able to gather enough pixels to build a house. The next challenge will be more difficult so help will appear for you. Upgrades with different effects help you to speed up the process much more. Before starting the next challenge, these upgrades will appear for you to choose from. But nothing is free, you will need to spend a certain amount of resources to be able to own these upgrades.

Ear Pixel Rush Mod

Game Graphics

Pixel Rush Mod is a fast entertainment game, so the graphics in the game are made in a very minimalist style. Use for yourself is a 2D graphics set with monotonous lines that are not too picky. The character in the game will be made up of small pixels folded. The scene behind that will be blue background with mysterious hidden details. The moving path is made in a minimalist monochrome white. The colors in the game are made quite bright colors, which will give you a lot of energy back. Characters and obstacles are prominently displayed so you can see them clearly.

Pixel Rush Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Pixel Rush Mod version of the game. The free upgrade and the feature will bring you the best experience. Take on tougher challenges with the ultimate in upgraded gear. Without having to spend any of the resources you have. Because they’ve all been upgraded for free, you won’t have to hesitate every time you make a choice. Brings you a much easier and more relaxing entertainment gaming experience. A special feature that you will not be able to get when playing in the regular version.

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