Download Plague Inc Mod 1.19.17 (Menu, Unlimited DNA, Unlocked) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 14/02/2024
Plague Inc Mod 1.19.17 (Menu, Unlimited DNA, Unlocked)
Name Plague Inc.
Version v1.19.17
Size 76MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited DNA, Unlocked
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Ndemic Creations


Plague Inc Mod is a simulation game created and published by Ndemic Creations. The game is built with novel gameplay when putting players in the work of spreading the disease. Let it spread to the whole world, creating chaotic scenes. It’s really not that good, but that’s how the game plays. Towards giving people a new perspective without caring about the world. And it will come true one day if the page is left as it is. But don’t think that spreading the disease is easy. Surely there will be resistance from countries, ready to fight and try to survive. Without a specific plan, it is impossible to complete the task. So do not be ignored when the game brings your battle with the entire world.

Download Plague Inc Mod – Find a way to spread and spread the disease to the whole world

Usually, in many games, the player will have the opportunity to become a character on the side of justice. Do good works, help people. But Plague Inc Mod will bring opposite gameplay when participating players will play the villain. When you become an evil dictator with a research job that creates epidemics. Look for the loopholes of countries to diffuse, causing the whole world to drown in death. And facing the danger of being annihilated, only one person can survive. But don’t think simply that it’s enough to successfully feed the epidemic. Dropping in several places is a possible success. The game always creates two opposing forces. When the player plays the bad guy, there is always a good force against them, that’s the rule. But here that force is the country with the development of the health sector.Download Plague Inc Mod

Mode of Transmission

Indeed Plague Inc Mod is not easy to play, it is easy for countries to find ways to prevent the epidemic. Because in many places there is an extremely developed medical industry, there are many methods of fighting epidemics. So players need to know how to use and find loopholes to create a new variant disease. Adaptable to climate conditions as well as speed up disease development. By finding ways to spread. Based on the characteristics of the place where the seed dispersal first begins. Taking advantage of the form of moving back and forth between many countries. To diffuse the disease to new locations, gradually creating a global crisis.Plague Inc Mod

Many Germs That Cause Disease

Plague Inc Mod is set by default to have up to 12 different diseases. These are viruses that cause deadly symptoms, bringing terror to each infected person. Or bacteria, parasites are not inferior to viruses. Has the property of spreading after contact and is ready to take the life of anyone, without exception. For example, new to the game will start with bacteria that can cause disease. With a fast diffusion rate but is easily treatable. So it will need the player to constantly find all the ways to amplify quickly. The chances of getting the whole world sick could be tough. But set the stage for the future with new viruses.Game Plague Inc Mod

Disease Upgrade

Playing Plague Inc Mod is non-negotiable, need to constantly innovate. Figure out how to level up the epidemic after spreading across a country quickly. Seeing the characteristics of that area, what the climate is like, and the weather is also a condition that directly affects the epidemic. Must see the need to create a new variant that is resistant to the climate. For example, whether the place is hot or cold, if it is cold, it must be improved so that the virus can withstand low temperatures. It is even possible to spread at a rapid rate in that condition. Or see if the countries have any measures, see if there are drugs against the disease you release. To find ways to research, add new features. Let the virus fight back and continue to cause disease. Quickly reach other countries, causing people to be eliminated.Tai Plague Inc Mod

Plague Inc Mod is a game that simulates the process of spreading disease globally. By constantly changing to create more viruses, and upgrade variants. But to do that will need to collect many different types of DNA. Which usually takes a lot of time. This creates a delay in the research of new viruses. Make all countries one step ahead. Find a way to look to withstand the pandemic. So to avoid that situation, the mod version has added features. Like infinite DNA and unlock. Players can use DNA that is always available to create diseases. Quickly let the whole world suffer and end the lives of all mankind.

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