Planet Rush Mod 1.18.3 (Menu, Immortality, High Damage)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/05/2024
Planet Rush Mod {{version}} (Menu, Immortality, High Damage)
Name Planet Rush
Version v1.18.3
Size 136MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, High Damage
Support Android 6.0
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Tap Swap Games


Join Planet Rush Mod in the fight to protect the world from monsters who want to take over the planet. The mission is to become a hero in this game. It takes players on an arduous new journey. The long battle, across many planets, with many enemies with unlimited progress. Therefore, you will enjoy shooting battles from small to large. You also have the opportunity to adventure across the universe and experience many new and unprecedented sensations. In addition, the game offers a wide range of weapons and equipment to explore. Unlock them and upgrade your hero. The survival battle journey contains many surprises that you cannot miss. Let’s join and discover now.

Download Planet Rush Mod – Survive Before Alien Invasion

Planet Rush Mod is set in a fantasy setting where the earth is being invaded by space enemies. In that context, a robot is built and summoned to protect the world. You will transform into this robot and start an endless battle journey. Journeys are fun classic shooting battles. The gunfight mechanism is used to the maximum to bring joy to the player. Enjoy the battle comfortably. In other words, there’s not much to do. But still, need to feel the attraction of shooting RPG games. In addition, the game has several rich modes, levels, and systems. So there’s always more to discover in the player’s upcoming Planet Rush Mod

Non-stop fighting

The most typical mode of Planet Rush Mod is the story. Brings a lot of quests that are linked together and take the player on an endless fighting adventure. In each mission, must fight and defeat all the alien enemies. Then get some upgrade options before entering the new war. These are free upgrades and are set up at the end of a challenge. There are 3 important factors to upgrade your warrior. Including hp, and ultimate damage speed. Each time you raise a level, the player will unlock a hero’s skill. Upgrade to match the game situation and get ready for more difficult challenges ahead.Planet Rush Mod

About the control mechanism of Planet Rush Mod is extremely easy. During the battle, press the joystick to move in the direction you want. Heroes automatically attack the target closest to them. But you have to control it wisely to hit the target while dodging damage from enemies. Enemies become stronger and more numerous as soon as they level up. To a certain level, the player will encounter the Boss. They are giant robots with huge hp and damage. But do not worry before the battles, players will be given important skills to confront the final boss.

Hero upgrade

The upgrades available in Planet Rush Mod are extremely rich. Players need to passively upgrade hero stats. If you want to gain the upper hand in the endless battle journey. To upgrade can spend money to unlock new weapons and equipment. You also have to equip powerful armor and additional items for the hero. As heroes level up, some new skills will also be unlocked. With new skills, there will be more flexibility in the upcoming battles. At the same time, new abilities are used against various types of enemies. This is the definitive condition for you to gain the edge in increasingly difficult challenges.Game Planet Rush Mod

New perspective

Planet Rush Mod is designed with a common perspective in role-playing games. Bringing a top-down perspective to help players observe the entire battlefield easily. From this angle, everything is presented visually and in detail. You will see all hero movements, enemies, battlefield terrain, and action effects. These effects highlight each hero’s skill. At the same time, they are combined with vibrant background music that makes the battle even more Planet Rush Mod

In short, Planet Rush Mod is a pretty popular game on all platforms. So right from the launch, it has been well received by players around the world. Are you ready for the battle journey through space? The game takes players to many distant planets to carry out the mission of combat robots. Join us and get ready to overcome many traps and meet alien enemies.

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