Download Plant Empires MOD APK 1.1.7 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, mana, ESP, Immortality, Dumb enemy) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 29/09/2023
Plant Empires MOD APK 1.1.7 (Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, mana, ESP, Immortality, Dumb enemy)
Name Plant Empires
Version v1.1.7
Size 56MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, mana, ESP, Immortality, Dumb enemy
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Rofi


It can be said that Plant Empires MOD APK is inspired by the legendary game Plants vs Zombies. Because this is still the battle of the plant empire against the invasion of evil zombies. But the ROFI game maker still has its own way when it comes to creating new gameplay. New images and sounds, more fun and eye-catching. The game is designed to train the difficulty index (AQ) from the very first levels. This is a worthwhile upgrade to match the trend of educational gamification. Distilled from the quintessence of the classic gamer series. Plant Empires fully converges the elements of a super war between the plant kingdom and the evil zombies.

Download Plant Empires Mod – Kill zombies to become a hero in the plant world

Plant Empires combines the quintessence of many game genres: defense, role-playing and strategy. Using the familiar motif of Plants vs Zombies along with simple game manipulation to create an irresistible attraction for any player. Each plant warrior will have its own unique strength and fighting skills. Contribute to creating diverse and attractive battles for gamers. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading Plant Empires Mod, participate in the battle between angry fruits and horror zombies. In particular, you can also buy and own a piece of land as a real property. Use in farming to create new warriors in your army.

Download Plant Empires Mod

Your own garden

In the Plant Empires Mod, you own a garden as your own wealth. More than simply fighting, you need to develop your land to become a landlord. This is a special thing that long-standing legendary games do not have. With your large garden, you need to propagate new plants. To do this, the farming feature in the game will help you. The number of zombies is not small. So quickly plant a lot, to have a powerful army. It’s never been enough to deal with stubborn, cold-blooded and ant-like zombies. Make the most of your garden, to always create new varieties of plants.

Tải Plant Empires Mod

Various warriors and zombies

Version Plant Empires Mod owns a huge collection of up to hundreds of plant species with different rarity. Potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, watermelons, cacti, sunflowers and many more. All are available in the shop for you to choose. Please choose according to the number of stars of each tree species, the more stars, the rarer and stronger the warrior. But because it is a rare item, there are not many to own. But rest assured, you can choose warriors with a little less stars. After that, gradually upgrading the attack and defense stats is that they still have enough fighting power. And level up so they increase their health and unlock new skills.

You need to accumulate a lot of money and gems to unlock warriors. Upgrade their levels and vital stats. With separate abilities, heroes are also divided into many groups, such as ADC, Warrior and Support. They have their own role but are essential and inseparable. A wise tactic is to have all 3 of these basic groups of warriors in the battle formation. Let’s be creative to create the most optimal and powerful squad to conquer the hateful zombies. And don’t forget, the undead are not weak, they are diverse and strong. Work hard in the garden to build a strong army of plants.

Game Plant Empires Mod

Exciting game mode

Are you familiar with the gameplay of Plants vs Zombies? But that’s just the PvE mode, which includes quests and levels. Your opponent is a pre-programmed robot, and it is not too difficult for you to pass the different levels. Of course in the hack game Plant Empires there is also a PvE mode for you to try. But when that traditional PvE mode no longer bothers you? Are you confident that your tactical attacks are the best against the Zombies? Experience PvP mode now to compete with other players from around the world. And only Plant Empires Mod has this online game mode only.

Hack Plant Empires Mod

Plant Empires Mod owns a modern graphic style, fun, new and creative character images. The battles take place dramatic with eye-catching visual effects, heroic sound. A pretty good defense game with extremely high difficulty. Join climbing ranks to get the highest position on the leaderboard. That means you will get more gold, Plants to become stronger. And yet, the game also has many other special events waiting for you to discover. Like Boss Battle Events, or TOP Racing events, and much more.

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