Download Plants vs Zombies Heroes MOD APK 1.39.94 (Unlimited Suns/Free Shopping) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 29/09/2023
Plants vs Zombies Heroes MOD APK 1.39.94 (Unlimited Suns/Free Shopping)
Name Plants vs Zombies Heroes
Version v1.39.94
Size 82MB
MOD Features Unlimited Suns/Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free


Do you know the war between plants and zombies in a pretty famous game? Plants vs Zombies Heroes MOD APK are almost the same. But designed with a whole new way of fighting. When the game is built in the style of playing cards. However, it will still bring intense battles between the two forces. But not moving to attack but here is hit by turn. Only standing in one position and the attack is up to the player’s choice. Build a squad for yourself from there to bring to the competition. Challenge with countless different levels created. But with the game, players don’t just side with the plants. And zombies can also earn income. There is almost no faction distinction, the same depends only on the mode selected by the player.

Download Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod – Extremely Interesting War Between Plants And Zombies

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is not the first game about the war between plants and zombies. Which is only reconstructed based on the previous legendary game. But there is a special point here, that the game is built in a completely different way. Card-style combat, attack turn by turn. Joining players will have to prepare themselves for certain warriors. Not only plants but also zombies. Used to form two teams, aiming to challenge two different aspects. First for the tree formation, used to fight against invading zombies. There is no shortage of levels created. Spoiled for players can try their best against the arch-enemy. Or with the player’s zombie squad, too. Use one power to fight the other.

Tai Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Mod

Collect Cards

If you want to win in game Plants vs Zombies Heroes apart thanks to the ability. Then the card income is also extremely important. Whether the warrior squad is strong or not will all be in this step. The game design is very diverse, not only with each plant but also with zombies. There are hundreds of different types. Don’t hesitate to do the quest, especially for some events. It is entirely possible to encounter very strong cards even of the rare type. Hero cards are clearly divided according to each level, the more difficult to meet, the stronger the ability of those cards. Try your best to have the strongest squad. Increase your win rate.

Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Mod

Turn-Based Combat

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod is built with turn-based combat gameplay. Not too new, but definitely one thing that will give the night a new look. When the game takes the battle between plants and zombies as a factor to build. Participating in the challenge, the player will be given six cards. If you want one to attack, just click and select the target. And the attack as well as the damage will be completely automatic. Together, using skills is a requirement to choose. Of course, it will need to spend a certain amount of energy for each cast. Not only with plants but also with zombies. Every side will go to the opponent, everything really ends when one of the two sides is defeated by all of the troops.

Game Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Mod

Fight With Other Players

Version Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod doesn’t simply challenge players to fight against each machine. With pre-designed battles that require players to go through. More than that, the game also has an online connection feature. PvP battle mode, ie players can completely challenge opponents who are other players. So you can invite more friends or family members to download the game. Build powerful squads to compete against each other. It’s great to use for leisure in your spare time. When the interactivity that the game design is quite high.

Download Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes Mod

Plants vs Zombies Heroes Mod is designed with an infinite sun mod feature. There the sun signifies the money value of the game. Players can use it in many things. Typical includes shopping and upgrading cards. If used well, it is extremely beneficial in increasing the strength of the entire battle squad. You can freely shop for necessary items and special items. At that time, the win rate also increased. When almost the direct factor determining turn-based games lies in the cards themselves.

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