Plants vs Zombies MOD 3.5.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, 99999 Sun, Full Plants, Max Level, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/05/2024
Plants vs Zombies MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, 99999 Sun, Full Plants, Max Level, Unlocked)
Name Plants vs Zombies
Version v3.5.5
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, 99999 Sun, Full Plants, Max Level, Unlocked, No Cooldown
Support Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
Price Free


Zombies have long been a product of the human imagination. Is a fearsome cannibal zombie in the movies. They have a strange appearance and always instill fear in a part of the audience. However, when it comes to the classic game Plants vs Zombies MOD APK from the publisher ELECTRONIC ARTS. Players will be able to use mutant plants that can fight to destroy and repel the zombie army. This is a strategy game of the Tower Defense genre. You will be transformed into the boss of the house. Your task is to arrange a reasonable array of trees. Kill and don’t let any zombies approach your house. Download and experience this exciting game right away.

Download Plants vs Zombies Mod – Angry fruit destroys the undead

Game Plants vs Zombies is set in a house located near a large cemetery. Outside there are always hideous zombies who want to disturb the peace of the house. You are the owner of that house. In your hand, you have the seeds. You need to plant seeds in front of the house, they will grow and become a tool to help you fight the scary zombies.

The game consists of 50 levels from easy to difficult. Adventure mode also takes in different scenes: day, night, fog, on the pool, on the rooftop, and many more. The variety of crops corresponds to the variety of strength of the undead. Initially, they attack individually, the zombies will go towards your house at a slow speed. But when you finish destroying, they will attack your house. Their walking speed is faster, the number is many. Challenge your layout.

Tai Plants vs Zombies Mod

Build a tree planting strategy

The power and number of zombies are constantly increasing. Therefore, Plants vs Zombies Mod players need to have a reasonable planting strategy. Initially, you should prioritize planting sunflowers. The suns spawned by sunflowers will be a currency for you to buy other attack plants. Plants that can be attacked from a distance should also be prioritized in all rows. It is indispensable to plant defensive plants in the row closest to the zombies. They will prolong the time to help the attack kill the zombies. Depending on the strategic ability of the player, there will be reasonable and diverse tactics, suitable for many types of terrain and zombies.

Game Plants vs Zombies Mod

Various crops and zombies

Before each level of the game Plants vs Zombies starts. You will be previewed the terrain and the types of zombies that will appear in that game. From there, it will be possible to choose the right plants to optimize the strength of the tree. To make the right choice, you need to find out in advance the functions of the tree. At the same time understand the attack style of zombies. The publisher gives you a useful tool, providing both plants and zombies so you can choose the best countermeasure. It is the Book of the Almanac. The Almanac has 2 chapters: trees and zombies. The tree section will provide information about price, damage, area of ​​influence, and range,… And the zombie section will provide 2 types of information: the speed and tenacity of zombies.

Plants vs Zombies Mod

Features and bonuses

If your crops are not capable of killing all zombies. Version Plants vs Zombies Mod also gives you help in the most critical time. That is the lawn mower placed right in front of your house. It is activated automatically when a zombie approaches. The lawn mower will run in a vertical line towards the zombie swarm. Kill all zombies in that row as it passes. The destructive power is great. However, it can only be used once per lawn mower. You will lose if you let zombies invade the peaceful house. The game ends when all zombies are destroyed, and you will receive a certain amount of bonus. This bonus can be used to buy some special support items. You also have tools like shovels available to dig up the type of tree you have planted.

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Explore new lands

As introduced, the game Plants vs Zombies has a mix of new scenes such as the swimming pool and the rooftop. Accompanied by evolved zombies. For example, zombies can dive underwater, zombies can jump over a tree to directly eat the attacking tree line. Helps you not get bored during the experience. The game provides beautiful vivid graphics. The special effects, zombie movements and plants are all very smooth.

Combined with excellent sound quality reproduction. Promises to be an interesting and engaging game. Brings a fun entertainment experience to players, helping to reduce stress and fatigue. Plants vs Zombies Mod is an improved version. Here you will not worry about lack of sun to buy plants or the recovery time of plants. Helps you easily win when encountering difficult levels.

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