Pocket Academy 3 Mod APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money, Points)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/11/2023
Pocket Academy 3 Mod APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money, Points)
Name Pocket Academy 3
Version v1.2.4
Size 69MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Points
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Kairosoft


Build the school you want in Pocket Academy 3 Mod. Created and developed by the Kairosoft team. Promising to bring exciting construction gameplay with high entertainment. With simple graphic design in pixel style. Join the game to be given the opportunity to build your dream school. Towards the popularity with many students attending, the parents welcome. Hold everything in hand, and prove your ability. Constantly looking for ways to build facilities quickly. Ensure the best conditions for the students to study. With fully furnished classrooms, tables, chalks, and learning tools. The multi-purpose house has a large area suitable for sports that require movement. The game is designed a lot for you to be free to be creative.

Download Pocket Academy 3 Mod – Modern School Construction Management Ensure All Requirements

Pocket Academy 3 Mod as well as most management games have to start from low to high. From nothing towards higher goals to being at the top of the industry. Of course, it will not be easy when many challenges are posed. But that creates a challenge, players need to overcome to be able to prove themselves. Starting with a small school with poor conditions, participating in the game, the arrangement should be prioritized. Create works and facilities quickly to meet requirements. Bringing students into education, thereby recouping the capital spent, continue to rotate more investments. The game is designed with a lot of facilities for up-and-coming creativity. Remember to try to optimize the area as much as possible, when the number of students increases, the classroom needs to be met.Download Pocket Academy 3 Mod

Implementation of Education

Pocket Academy 3 Mod facilitates players to manage the school. That work is divided into several parts. Not only the construction but also focusing on education is extremely necessary. For up the player needs to perform both in parallel at the same time. Recruiting good teachers to constantly teach and foster talents. With common subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, English, … and many more. Additional subjects in the game are also many, including music, and physical education. Not only teaching at school but also outside will have some situations. And regular tests are used to assess competency. As a premise to raise the point value, symbolizing the quality of the whole school’s activities. Whether students continue to increase or not depends on this indicator.Pocket Academy 3 Mod

Event Organizer

In addition to learning Pocket Academy 3 Mod, there is another important part. There are festivals, events, and extracurricular programs. Helping students to improve themselves, not only academically but also in behavior. The game is designed a lot for up, don’t miss it, explore and discover all. Create useful playgrounds that help students bond with each other. For example, if a large organization wins a high prize, it can make a name for the school. Increasing popularity makes more people known, and so does art or creativity. Or honoring people with high achievements is also very necessary, increasing the spirit of self-discipline.Game Pocket Academy 3 Mod

Sound And Graphics

Pocket Academy 3 Mod is designed with quite a simple sound. When going through all, only one song is used. Brings a playful rhythm that is very suitable for a management game especially related to school. The place to foster students is the country’s preschool. Bringing a passionate atmosphere will create a driving force for continuous development. The game’s graphics have classic elements built in the form of pixels. Although the image is not sharp, in return the content is very diverse with many facilities. Divided with all kinds of classrooms, multi-purpose houses, and entertainment areas, depending on different subjects. As for the characters, the game also takes care of creating tons of shapes.Tai Pocket Academy 3 Mod

In the game Pocket Academy 3 Mod there are two main values ​​that need to be taken care of. The first is that money is used for many things. Such as shopping, and building facilities. Better yet, hire teachers to teach students. Almost all jobs require it. And the second component is equally important. The score determines the quality of the school. There are several categories such as cultural, humanities, or scientific points. The higher the score, the more students will come to study. When everyone wants their children to get into a good school that produces excellent results.

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