Poly Bridge 2 MOD APK 1.62 (Unlimited Money, Resources)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/09/2023
Poly Bridge 2 MOD APK 1.62 (Unlimited Money, Resources)
Name Poly Bridge 2
Version v1.62
Size 176MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Support Android 7.1+
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Dry Cactus Limited


If you are looking for a game with new gameplay. Allows players to show off their creative talents in design and construction. Poly Bridge 2 MOD is definitely not to be missed, this is a game that combines intelligence and realistic physics. Loved by many people for its practicality. To be able to erect a complete bridge, engineers had to calculate a lot. How to make the bridge stand firm and durable with time. Playing the game Poly Bridge 2 APK is a way for you to train your intelligence. Sharpen to become sharper in the face of tough problems. Use the knowledge you have learned to build the strongest bridge.

Download Poly Bridge 2 MOD – Build bridges named after you

Poly Bridge 2 hack has more than 100 levels with fresh design, and extremely attractive. In particular, each level in the game brings unique challenges. Give gamers a feeling of never being bored when experiencing the game. You don’t have to be an engineer to build bridges. You just need to build a bridge based on the key points of the bridge, the direction of the vehicle and draw arcs. From road markings and construction materials. The bridge can withstand the load of traffic vehicles. Arrange the material pieces that the game provides according to a certain number.

Download Poly Bridge 2 MOD

Once you’ve completed your bridge, you can test drive the vehicle. If the car goes up and the bridge collapses, you will have to try again. With just a small mistake, the bridge can collapse and be washed away by the ocean. So build the right bridges based on the terrain. In addition, it helps vehicles to cross the abyss by the bridge effectively. Thereby, helping vehicles to move easily. Since materials have different prices, you have to think about the smart way to build the bridge with the lowest cost.

Diversity of vehicles, rich materials

In the Poly Bridge 2 game, there will be many different vehicles. Specialized vehicles such as ambulances, cars, monster trucks. Each type of vehicle will have a different size and weight. Therefore, you need to calculate properly so that your bridge stands up to the weight of each vehicle. The heavier the vehicles, the higher the technical requirements of the bridge. The more complex the bridge, the more weight it can withstand. In addition, there will be times when a plane passes and you cannot build a flying bridge. So how to build the bridge so that it doesn’t collapse? This depends on your ability.

Poly Bridge 2 Mod will give you different bridge building materials. Diversity of categories for players to freely choose and complete their bridge. For example, stone, iron rods, wooden rods, hydraulics, springs, cables, etc. Stone is usually the main material for building bridges, while wood and steel help you maintain them. Hydraulics will help when you need part of your bridge up or down to avoid ships or planes. Because each material has its use and budget will be limited in each level. You need to think about the cost per material you will use. Use your creativity to create the most complete and satisfying work.

Tải Poly Bridge 2 MOD

Diverse game modes

In the hack game Poly Bridge 2 there are up to 6 different worlds (each world has 16 levels). Along with 5 “challenging” worlds (including more complex versions of the levels in the first 5 worlds). Thus, there are a total of 176 levels. This is one of the attractions of this game. Each level has a predefined budget. And it’s not easy to complete the level under budget. But it will be fun when you try to beat them. In each level, there is a leaderboard showing the highest score. It also indicates whether the level is completed or not? Note that you can beat a level with a low budget but break the bridge.

After completing 64 levels in the Poly Bridge 2 game. You can try Sandbox mode to create your levels. You can customize the entire map. Then, put together a list of materials and a budget before giving it out. You can upload for other players to try. Many players love this feature. Because they have the freedom to design as many creative maps as they want. So there are thousands of levels included for you to try your hand at.

Game Poly Bridge 2 MOD

Poly Bridge 2 Mod brings many difficult challenges to players. You have to spend a lot of time completing the bridges for vehicles to cross. Show your talent and creativity inventing solid, quality bridges !

Graphics and sound

The game’s graphics are designed to be extremely simple but still create a strong attraction for players. You can still see the scenery, trees and vehicles clearly from your perspective. This highlights the simplicity of the gameplay as well as the smooth experience on your phone. Not only that, the design of the bridges is extremely beautiful. The same video clip playback mode after each successful challenge.

Not only owning quality graphic design. The sound system in Poly Bridge 2 Mod is also extremely well-invested. With background music that has a tendency to cartoons. The construction sound effects are extremely realistic, adding to the strong attraction. In addition, we can also turn off the game’s music. And replace with favorite songs in the list.

Hack Poly Bridge 2 MOD

The game offers a real life-like bridge building experience. The gameplay remains the same compared to the first version. It means gamers will solve physics puzzles. By using parts and modules to build bridges. In addition, Poly Bridge 2 Mod also integrates video editing features. And support Steam Workshop for richer gameplay. Not only that, this game also possesses eye-catching graphics. High-quality sound system brings exciting experiences to gamers. Right now, come to Poly Bridge 2 to build the strongest bridges.

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