Pou MOD APK 1.4.118 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Unlocked, Max Level)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/01/2024
Pou MOD APK 1.4.118 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Unlocked, Max Level)
Name Pou
Version v1.4.118
Size 23MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Unlocked, Max Level
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Zakeh Ltd


If you are a pet lover and want to experience the feeling of being cared for. Game Pou MOD APK is a great option that you cannot ignore. Created by the team Zakeh Ltd. The game builds on a virtual creature, which can be seen as an alien, or a potato. And players when participating will have to think of a way, to become pet caretakers. Feeding, playing, and playing satisfies the needs needed for the animal to thrive. Challenge yourself with extremely leisurely work, and experience once being a caregiver. Or have fun and relieve stress and fatigue with mini-games. Legendary games are recreated in the game.

Download game Pou Mod – Take Care of Cute Pou Pets

Game Pou requires players to be patient and calm. Understand what needs to be done to get it done. Pay attention to Pou to see if it is necessary to respond immediately, without affecting their health for too long. See when you need to eat or whatever, there will be a sign above your head. Simply the daily chores that every pet has. And all require the player to perform, to ensure that the right food is given, and the appropriate bathing is desired. In the allotted time is to be done, if too pet pou is very susceptible to disease. Sometimes it is also possible to bring it to the doctor to avoid the case of the disease being too severe, at that time it is very difficult to cure. Always take care of your pet, take good care of it and treat it like a friend.

Pou Mod

Wide Variety of Food

With the pet care game, food for them is indispensable. Pou Mod is the same, the game is designed with a multitude of different foods. The dishes are famous all over the world, from the east to the west. Snacks such as cookies, ice cream, hamburgers, and nutritious foods are also added to the game. Comfortable to choose, suitable service according to the pet’s requirements. Drinks such as smoothies, coffee, etc. are also designed in the food warehouse. Always ready for pets to ensure their health and have the best conditions for development.

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Huge Costume Warehouse

Game Pou design pet pou pet character without too many highlights, only with a certain shape. The image is like a potato that has simply added eyes and a mouth. So to compensate, the developer added to the game a huge skin system. Where players can choose different costumes to wear for pets. The costumes with all sets from clothes to clothes, accessories, to hats. Diverse decorations with a full range of colors. It is possible to add some changeable accessories for the pet itself such as hair or strawberries. Feel free to mix and match, and equip your pet to be special and gorgeous. Create a difference from the default, to attract people’s eyes.

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Play With Pou Mini-Game

In addition to caring for pet, you get the best conditions to grow. Version Pou Mod also features experiences with many different games, of all genres. All legendary games are recreated through the game with a completely new style. Together with your pet, immerse yourself in off-road racing games that require a good combination. Or diamond puzzle game, challenging the player’s intelligence. Obstacle adventure games. Free mini-game for you and your pet to work together, and bond together. And these games guarantee the player a certain amount of money to use for the purchase of necessary equipment. For example, clothes or food all require money to be able to own. Guaranteed for the development of pou.

Game Pou Mod

Pou Mod is an improved version to add some useful features for players. Unlimited money and unlocking are all useful utilities. Can help players a lot, buy a lot of food or clothes. Always have it in stock so that whenever the pet needs it, just use it. No more wasting time trying to play mini-games to earn money. Now when playing, just focus on taking care of the pet, no longer having difficulty affecting it. With unlocking the player can also exploit the features to be more. No more restrictions, guaranteed to have the best experience.

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