Pull Him Out Mod 1.8.0 (Unlimited Coins)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/03/2024
Pull Him Out Mod 1.8.0 (Unlimited Coins)
Name Pull Him Out
Version v1.8.0
Size 88MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Support Android 4.4
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Pull Him Out Mod was created and developed by the Lion Studios team. Is the perfect combination of the two genres of puzzle and adventure. The game will take players on a long journey on the adventurous road to find treasure. With countless obstacles on the way. Dangerous pitfalls are set, requiring players to find a way to overcome them. Otherwise, everything will have to stop because it is impossible to move forward when the path is blocked. Not fights or anything, but puzzles. Built with lots of pegs to prevent players from reaching the treasure. Or there is also the existence of lava, a poison that only needs to be touched to lose a life. That’s right, requires players to think if they want to continue the journey.

Download Pull Him Out Mod – Fun Puzzle With Challenging Journey

When it comes to puzzles, people often think of lines of text. But not so Pull Him Out Mod has very unique gameplay. When the game creates an adventure in the style of discovering the mystery of the tomb. And players play as an archaeologist trying to find treasure. But it’s not easy, on the way there will be agencies constantly appearing to prevent money from entering. With an extremely high level of danger, who knows what this relic will have? Giving up is impossible, the harder it is, the harder it is to try. Prove your level with the goal of solving them all to find your way forward. The gameplay is very simple, the levels will automatically appear in turn when they arrive at the right place. Players only need to think about pulling and pulling the pegs for the right process to navigate. Make the character touch the treasure.Game Pull Him Out Mod

Puzzles With Many Dangers

Pull Him Out Mod is built with a lot of puzzles to challenge. But what really makes the player difficult lies in the given situation. When not only impact so the latch can easily touch the treasure. It may be like that at first, but the real value lies deep within. But the deeper you go, the more difficult it will be. When the game screen is designed to be complex, it should have many pegs. Divide into several parts. In addition to gold and silver, there are other agents that can be deadly when touched. Like lava or poison. Letting rocks fall on people or encountering zombies is no better. Whatever it is, if you go wrong, you have to stop the game.Tai Pull Him Out Mod

Change Character Appearance

Pull Him Out Mod not only focuses on the main content. And the extraneous things are also very concerning. Not to mention costumes, designed with many sets. Offering a wide range of styles and designs. Although it doesn’t increase anything that supports the challenge, don’t give up. With the default of short clothes, there is nothing wrong with backpacks, shoes, and hats of all kinds used for adventure. But having more options isn’t a bad thing. It will be able to bring a new feeling to increase the enjoyment when participating in the experience. Among them must be mentioned as pirates, Western-style count, ancient Rome, … spoiled for players to choose.Download Pull Him Out Mod

Many Interesting Pictures

The interesting thing in Pull Him Out Mod must include the images that the character is created. The developer is also quite meticulous in this. When designing a lot of different funny expressions. It will appear on a case-by-case basis. When you are happy when you touch the treasure, you can enter the next level. The joy of discovering something wonderful. Or the feeling of disappointment with a sad face when you missed an opportunity, or failed to find the answer. Fear of being on the brink of death. The fun is simply in such small things, which are very effective in attracting players.Pull Him Out Mod

For Pull Him Out Mod to continue the journey, it all depends on the player. You will definitely meet very difficult obstacles, but you can only think very hard. Try it again and again to find the rule, but there will be almost no outside support like most games today. So money for the game is not too important. Which is only used for extraneous things. It’s as simple as shopping for clothes. But the game also has a huge inventory, so owning them all is a huge challenge. The unlimited money mod for which this version is designed will make that small part easy.

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