Rage Road Mod APK 1.3.24 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/01/2024
Rage Road Mod APK 1.3.24 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)
Name Rage Road - Car Shooting Game
Version v1.3.24
Size 69MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


Rage Road Mod is an extremely new shooting action game. Created and developed by the SayGames Ltd team. The game will give players unique gun battles. When the battlefield is now moved onto the wide highways. Move at high speed with pickup trucks. And in the back will be countless enemies that are constantly attacking. Players participating in the game will be in the role of a character. With the task of destroying all chasing targets, with his aiming ability. Try to be able to preserve life, and escape the fierce pursuit. There will be no other path in the game, only fighting has a chance to win. Be sure to control your mind properly, and don’t hesitate to show your skills.

Download Rage Road Mod – Test Your Shooting Skills With High Movement Speed ​​On Cars

In Rage Road Mod there is no chance to survive being chased by armed enemies. Only fighting is the most effective method. Join the game, the player will take the role of a person on the run. Also, the first to go, and behind will be extremely dangerous objects. Don’t be afraid to shoot to destroy you. But don’t just wait to die like that. In the midst of a storm of bullets, players need to find a way to fight back. When also equipped with an extremely powerful gun, the ability to shoot long-range is extremely effective. Try your best to be able to aim accurately at the targets. Destroy vehicles, destroy them all for the purpose of preventing all from approaching. From afar, you can still miss, but once you get close, hitting is inevitable.Game Rage Road Mod

Various Challenges

Rage Road Mod always wants players to have a great experience. So the game is very focused on building challenges and trying to create the best environment. With so many different levels, spoiled for players with room to express themselves. As well as the opportunity to constantly improve your aim. As the difficulty gradually increases, each level will bring stronger enemies. The early stages are slow to shoot, and all bullets are wrong. There’s not much danger, but getting to the back is really what the game wants to bring. When that object will not stop attacking when the player shows up. In addition, he can continuously accelerate and get close. If you do not destroy it in time, it is normal to lose it.Rage Road Mod

Premium Equipment

For Rage Road Mod equipped here, it is the weapon. Built with a multitude of different guns. Rifles are used a lot in combat because of the effect they can bring. Until the SMGs, although the damage is not equal, the rate of fire is much better. There are also some extremely compact pistols. Hit the enemy in close range, one bullet for everyone. Each type will have its own characteristics in terms of the number of bullets as well as the damage that can be caused. Therefore, the user also needs to be calculated in many cases. If appropriate, it gives a huge advantage. Not only that, but the game also has 43 skins for guns.Tai Rage Road Mod

Truck Modification

Rage Road Mod has a sideline where it does not affect the outcome of the fight. Simply adding more fun to the game. It’s a car editing feature when the game is designed with a separate part. Designed with many different parts that when changed can bring a whole new look. For example, the paint color is an overview of the whole car. Or the wheel is also considered the main speedometer, in addition, there are front and rear lights, and a roof of all kinds. There is nothing better than owning a flaming car that stands out from all other competitors.Download Rage Road Mod

Rage Road Mod is a rebuilt and slightly modified version. But the gameplay or everything is still the same, only improving performance as well as adding unlimited money mods. Aim to help players get a better experience. When you can comfortably shop without having to look at the price. When the amount has reached the maximum limit, even using it is not sustainable. The ad-free mod is also very useful, preventing all external conditions. Avoid influencing the battles, especially when tense.

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