Rail Rush Mod APK 1.9.21 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Rail Rush Mod APK 1.9.21 (Unlimited Money)
Name Rail Rush
Version v1.9.21
Size 50MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Miniclip.com


Rail Rush Mod is a game of the action scene genre. Created and developed by the Miniclip team. The game is about a man’s journey to explore the mines. In the game, the player will be in the role of a supporter. Help to move smoothly to constantly go deep inside. With the aim of finding as many gems as possible. Although the mine was dark, there were many items. Sit on a trolley that slides along the tracks. The speed will increase gradually over time corresponding to its difficulty set. And yet, on the journey, there is no shortage of dangerous obstacles. Damaged road sections with bottomless pits. Aim to test the player’s talent in terms of reflexes. If you want to survive to continue the journey, you must quickly avoid and handle the situation.

Download Rail Rush Mod – A Dangerous Mine Exploration Journey

By joining Rail Rush Mod, players will be taken on an endless journey. Become an adventurer deep into the dark mines. Aim to discover the hidden remains, and search for gems as well as treasure. In the game, the character will be sitting on a sled. The movement is fully automatic, constantly accelerating forward. Of course, things are not simple, when this place has been abandoned for so long. So there’s no shortage of damaged rails, bumpers, and even scary creatures. Players will have to control how to avoid all to continue. Avoid the case of not timely handling causing an accident or falling into the abyss. Can’t let all the achievements go to waste. Try your best and stay focused during the challenge. With the goal of reaching the end. Earn lots of items,Rail Rush Mod

Unique Mine Design

Unlike other games of the same genre, there is only a certain map. Rail Rush Mod is designed with up to ten different worlds. Free for players to experience and explore. As each has a distinct substance about the mysterious, mystical creatures. Not to mention some typical names such as Sweet Wonderland, Oid Mines, Snow Land, etc. For example, with Zombie Caves, players may have to face extremely scary zombies. Rising from the pools of water with a green light at the beginning of the magic. A special feature is that it can also attack and cling to the vehicle. Of course, you can fight back to defeat the enemy to continue the journey. In general, the game has a lot, full of miracles.Thai Rail Rush Mod

Variety of Choices

Rail Rush Mod looks so simple, but as for the character, you can freely choose. The game is designed a lot up to the number of 18. Is it one of the most diverse games compared to games of the same genre? Each one is designed with a unique look. Here the character’s ability is not the main ingredient to deciding victory. The feature was created only for the purpose of increasing the fun of being in the role of different people. Bob Molechaser is a young man with adventure clothes. And Ned Batbasher, a muscular man with an apron slung across his chest. The costumes are not too special, but that does not affect the experience. The choice only helps to increase the fun, in the end, winning is still in the hands of the player.Download Rail Rush Mod

Special Items

For Rail Rush Mod, players in addition to relying on skills to overcome challenges. Then you can also use support items to solve problems. Quantities will be limited, the same lying only picked up during the challenge. So don’t miss any opportunity to own one. In addition Magnet Force is used to suck gold coins, and gems when moving through. The game also has three to four other types, such as Iron Grid, Wood Ram, and Steel Ram, with extremely special abilities. When there is a lack of movement, you can press to overcome the danger. Continue the long journey to reach the final destination.Game Rail Rush Mod

Although Rail Rush Mod belongs to the genre of games with simple gameplay. But there is no shortage of things that need gold coins if you want to own them. Of course, players can also earn from participating in the challenge. Earn, and pick up coins one by one during the move. But it takes a long time to collect enough for a necessary item. Unlimited money will become much simpler. As soon as the player enters the game, he has the opportunity to unlock all the characters. As well as the map has been designed. The limitation in the new version will almost be removed.

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