Ramboat MOD APK 4.3.11 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
Ramboat MOD APK 4.3.11 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)
Name Ramboat
Latest Version v4.3.11
File capacity 36MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Gems
Support Android 4.0
Category Action
Price Free at GenZVNmod
Link to get it on
Google Play
Developers Viva Games Studios


Ramboat Mod is a game in the action genre. Created and developed by the Viva Games Studios team. In the game, players will be role-playing to become a character named Rambo. To start a highly challenging adventure. When faced with countless dangers from bombs, weapons, and vehicles. As well as enemies that attack from the sky parachuting down. The only goal to do every time you enter a battle is to find a way to stay alive. Surf on the water with the small ship, dodge obstacles and reach the endpoint. Of course, the player can also counterattack. By equipping powerful guns. Can fire bullets quickly over a long distance. Most importantly, being able to destroy aircraft with great resistance. Don’t be afraid to show off your skills, do your best to be a winner to prove yourself.

Download Ramboat MOD – Become a Warrior Against the Army to Perform Missions

Ramboat Mod is a place for players to show off their shooting skills. When the game builds up a lot of different levels, you are free to experience and challenge. With the content of intense chases. Between the two factions, one side is a character named Rambo controlled by the player. While the enemy is a powerful army equipped with modern weapons. Not only by guns but also by helicopters and planes. So any chance of being able to win completely depends on the player. As long as you don’t give up, there will always be a way forward. It is important to know how to try and grasp when it is possible to counter-attack the enemy. A game was designed with a lot of weapons. Players can choose the appropriate item to bring to the challenge. The opponent is very crowded, so don’t neglect even a few strings. The way to move on the sea is the same, there is no shortage of enemies below.

Game Ramboat Mod

Various Missions

Game Ramboat Mod is designed by the developer with a lot of tasks. It can be up to hundreds, belonging to many different types of work. But the most typical must mention the battles. The requirements for stats as well as achievements are very high. Of course, the rewards are not small either. If done well within the time allowed, it is possible to receive rare items. Items with high potential. Once equipped can make the power change dizzy. Very helpful for the process of upgrading, and creating a strong character. So don’t ignore this feature. Undesirable, however, can also provide costs for normal operations.

Ramboat Mod


Completing the mission the player will receive a bonus. Can be used to unlock, Ramboat Mod is built with a lot of vehicles. To be precise, 12 different types. Starting with a small boat which can be called a life raft, because of the simplicity that it brings. Next, there is a very unique designed cruise ship. The highlight should be on the match when mixed with luxury smoke and bullets. Or animals like hippos also become vehicles to move through the game. In general, very diverse, with all types of phenotypes. The speed and method of operation are also changed accordingly, the more expensive, the higher the power. Can move quickly to the error that the enemy can’t grasp the direction to attack.

Download Ramboat Mod

Offline Games

Online can be great when the benefits it brings are immense. For example, playing with friends and relatives. Increase community interaction, achievements after trying are known to everyone. But the offline mode in Ramboat is also not lacking in superiority. When you don’t need a network connection, you can also go in and experience it. Completely free, just download it. But it’s more about the enemy and the challenge. All are the result of presets so players can win more easily. If the challenge fails, it can be retaken immediately. The game is not limited in the number of times done, so you are free to prove yourself. Try to clear the whole game for everyone to see.

Tai Ramboat Mod

With the new version of Ramboat Mod, players will experience the unlimited money feature. With a huge number of accounts, can be used to unlock characters. Create yourself a collection of all members. As well as buying and upgrading weapon systems to the maximum level for the purpose of increasing damage. Or unlock new ships with all sorts of different designs. Improve mobility during movement. Although only a small part, it can completely determine the outcome. Unlimited gems also have the same effect, but it’s more advanced in that you can buy the good stuff.

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