Real Boxing 2 MOD 1.47.3 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/06/2024
Real Boxing 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Real Boxing 2
Version v1.47.3
Size 522MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.5+
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers Vivid Games S.A


If you are a strong person, like violence and punches in the ring. Then Real Boxing 2 will be the perfect choice. Is an entertaining sports game released by Vivid Games SA Inspired by fiery boxing matches around the world. Surely players will be very admiring the boxers with tall, muscular appearance. Strong muscles and 6 pack abs. With powerful blows that can knock down opponents easily.

In the game, the boxers are seasoned with many years of experience. With major competitions around the world, it must be a formidable opponent. The battles are now not one-on-one. But it will also bring a feeling of excitement like in real life. Players will feel their best efforts to win.

Download Real Boxing 2 Mod – Join the Dramatic and Fierce Boxing Match

As soon as the player enters the Real Boxing 2 hack experience Will be selected characters with large and massive appearance. Of course, your opponents will become more professional with each increasing level. Therefore, players at the beginning need to practice and hone skills to be fluent. Hone your character’s skills, get used to the controls, etc. Your skills will gradually improve. When playing with people with higher skills and experience. Big matches, gathering a lot of outstanding names, when playing against them whether they win or lose. Then you also get a lot of experience from them.

In this boxing competition, fairness is only partially guaranteed. Because in the error catcher, it can only catch the errors that are seen, and when not seen, the error will not be counted. So in the competition, you should not be angry, but make uncontrollable attacks to create an advantage for your opponent. Show your strength through powerful punches, dealing damage and lowering the morale of the opponent. Cleverly dodge attacks from opponents to find loopholes and knock down with a knock down.

Customize your boxer

Customizing the character’s appearance is an indispensable thing in the game. Bring a different feeling and look from every aspect every time you use a Real Boxing 2 game character on the stage. It is possible to adjust in appearance, dress style, head, hair, etc. Appearance is an important factor in every match, every time you go on the field with a tall, muscular appearance. Massive muscles will make enemies tremble and weaker than you.

However, there is one more decisive factor in the battle that is boxing skills. This is the key factor to help you win. Make flank hooks, horizontal hooks, reverse hooks. Create and create combos with impressive skills to take down your opponents. In order for boxers to become strong, strength, speed, and endurance are needed. Strength development helps you increase your attack power and endurance more.

Creative freedom

Real Boxing 2 Mod helps players freely create new types of attacks for themselves. Develop defensive skills to dodge enemy attacks. Practice them every day so that when you go to the ring you can use them correctly. Fatal punches will help you knock down your opponent faster and help you win. You need to coordinate horizontal punches, vertical punches, etc.. Rotate rhythmically back and forth between them to find openings to make the enemy and then knock down.

Exercise regularly to increase the attack power of your character. Use your mastery skills and make quick attacks. And so flexible that the opponent could not counterattack.

Graphics and sound

The graphic background of the Real Boxing 2  was designed by Vivid Games SA using 3D technology. Create a realistic feeling, bring the most realistic experience to players. With a pretty eye-catching boxer shape, I firmly believe that when experiencing. Players will be drawn into a real arena. With a muscular body, strong muscles are the source of motivation to create the best competition. Combined with the attractive sound of the audience on the stage, cheers and cheers. And the attacks will definitely bring you a very interesting feeling.

Hack Real Boxing 2 MOD APK

When participating in Real Boxing 2 Mod , players will be able to control their own personality. Immerse yourself in fierce matches in the ring and compete with martial artists around the world for competition. The special thing with the Mod feature is that players can equip themselves with items. To upgrade and become stronger in the eyes of the opponent. The skills, characters, equipment… Large-scale boxing matches are waiting for you to conquer. Download the game now and explore the dramatic matches and find the champion.

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