Real Cricket™ 20 Mod APK 5.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Tickets)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Real Cricket™ 20 Mod APK 5.5 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Tickets)
Name Real Cricket ™ 20
Version v5.5
Size 581MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Tickets
Support Android 5.0
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers Nautilus Mobile


Real Cricket™ 20 Mod is a game based on the bat sport of the same name. Although not as developed as baseball. But when it comes to age, cricket is not inferior. To know more, experience the game right away. When the game is built with extremely high accuracy, almost 100% accuracy. It is desirable for the participants to be able to know more as well as understand certain rules. What’s better than when players will have a squad? As a springboard, conditions to bring to the competition, with countless prizes that the game creates. The reward is extremely generous if the final victory is achieved. Unleash to prove yourself, when you can shoot the ball as well as hit the club. The opportunity to challenge in many aspects when mastering all kinds of positions on the field due to the ability to change people.

Download Real Cricket™ 20 Mod – Aim for Champion in Every Cricket Tournament

There are quite a few people who misunderstand the sport of baseball and baseball as one. But that thinking is completely wrong, even though the two are quite similar. If you want to know the difference, the Real Cricket™ 20 Mod game will tell you that. When the game was created with countless different tournaments. Feel free to join players to learn more about how to play. Along with that, he proved his ability to be the one in control of the team. Of course, it will not be easy when this is a team fight. As long as there is a problem link in it, it can lead to a total loss. Just like the opponent, there will be no shortage of strong enemies. Is something that will directly prevent victory. But not necessarily give up. At first, there will be specific instructions, whereby there will be simple matches to help players get used to it.Real Cricket™ 20 Mod

Join the Competition

The gameplay of Real Cricket™ 20 Mod is not self-made like some other games. The game is built entirely based on reality. When the rules are properly applied in all competitions. Joining players will find that this is a team game. One side will fight and the other will be the team to defend. With three stakes corresponding to it is three throws. Each time they will be added points. On the other hand, if you let the enemy stick to knock, then before the ball hits the ground, you must occupy a certain number of positions. Otherwise, the opponent may be the team that scores the point. Keep rotating the cycle until the score reaches the required value. Whoever gets it first is the winner. Briefly speaking, in reality, players need to explore more. Only if you don’t stop trying will you be able to make it to the end.Download Real Cricket™ 20 Mod.webp

Courtyard Used For Competition

Don’t think that Real Cricket™ 20 Mod only plays on the grass field, but insists that every battle takes place in one place. That is completely wrong. The game not only has one but must have dozens of different arenas. Be inspired by reality with many extremely famous locations. Specializes in organizing world-class tournaments. Not to mention Wellington, Melbourne, London, Mumbai, and Kolkata don’t miss the opportunity to try them all. It may be similar in some ways, but it will definitely bring new feelings. The size not only on the field but also in the stands will be different.Ear Real Cricket™ 20 Mod

Multiple Game Modes

Real Cricket™ 20 Mod has a great point. Join the game players will not only be competing in countless battles with the machine. The lineups have been designed by the developer. You can even invite more friends to play with 2P vs 2P mode. Each person will be holding their own squad to start the challenge. Not only that, but the game also has more unique things. When two different players can join the same team to challenge the opponent. Of course, the game will divide the roles of each person clearly to avoid causing disunity. There is also an online mode, everyone can follow the next match of their friends’ matches.Game Real Cricket™ 20 Mod

Real Cricket™ 20 Mod is an incredibly realistic designed batting game. Nearly everything is done by the developer’s best efforts to make it look like the real thing. Putting everything up will be very difficult, especially for the formation of the squad. When will be the deciding factor in every battle? If you collect good characters, the winning rate will definitely be increased. Although it is not the main reason, it is better than losing to the opponent team. Do not hesitate to buy, or upgrade their abilities. This new version has unlimited money so no need to worry about the cost.

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