Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod APK 0.9.9 (God Mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod APK 0.9.9 (God Mode)
Name Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball
Version v0.9.9
Size 78MB
MOD Features God Mode
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Mgif Studio


Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod opens a match like no other in the market. Unleash a fascinating adventure. Through addictive puzzle levels. With the appearance of two blue and red balls. Red means red boy and blue means blue girl. Your mission is to help the two balls collect the key to escape from the pyramid maze. The game is based on puzzle gameplay. With a wide range of features supported in the game rooms. The terrain is improved according to the level of the game. It is regularly updated and changed. Create the shape of two beautiful and expressive spheres. Along with many different skins to explore. The control mechanism is simple, smooth, and flexible during use. Simple controls to move easily.

Download Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod – Labyrinth Adventure to Leave the Pyramids

Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod is one of the games in the series of publisher Mgif Studio. The game follows an interesting storyline. It revolves around the adventures of the Red boy and Blue girl. Set inside the mysterious pyramid. Unfortunately, during a fun time in the forest, they got lost in the maze. Many traps and obstacles appear here. They are very dangerous and will hurt if touched. To be able to return home, they must pass all the challenges. Complete the puzzle quests in the maze to get out of the pyramid. Escape from dangerous traps. Overcome deadly obstacles. Safely leave the pyramid to return home.Red and Blue Twin Color Ball Mod

Quests in levels

Similar to other games in the series. The adventure in Red and Blue Adventure: Twin Color Ball Mod takes place on each level. Each level opens up a challenging journey up the pyramid. Your task is to control red and blue to collect keys for yourself. Then, move to the corresponding door at the bottom of the map, and use the key you have collected to open that door. Get out of the labyrinth in the pyramid safely. Go on to the adventure to the next level. The difficulty will gradually increase, and the distance traveled is longer. The terrain in the pyramid is changed. At the same time appear many more dangerous traps and obstacles.Red and Blue Twin Color Ball Mod

Collect gold coins

In Red and Blue Adventure: Twin Color Ball Mod. In addition to collecting the golden key to open the door. You also need to collect gold coins in each match. They appear in various places in the maze. By moving to collect. Try not to lose gold coins. Because they can be used to buy skins in the store. In addition, there are dangerous traps on the way. For example, the spike trap automatically drops as you move. Or there will be animals in the way. You must jump right on them to win. You have to open the separating wall with the key to getting through. Or sometimes a combination of red and blue is needed to use the open switch.Game Red and Blue Twin Color Ball Mod

Heart saves lives

Each game level in Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod has a certain number of replays. These are called heart experiences. Depends on how many hearts you have. After accidentally touching the trap, then the heart spread will be reduced by a part. Use all your heart but can’t find the key to the door. The mission will fail, which means you will have to play this level again. Through the adventure in the levels. In order not to have a heart, you must coordinate rhythmically between the two balls. Through the switch icon control red and blue. Combine movements, and observe quickly. Along with clever puzzle skills. From there, it is possible to get the job done quickly and get great Red and Blue Twin Color Ball Mod

In the match Red and Blue: Twin Color Ball Mod players will search for keys. After collecting 3 keys, a treasure chest will open. Or through lucky spin, you get rewards every day. From there has the opportunity to receive many gold coins and hearts. You can unlock skins with earned gold coins. Change the shape of the red and blue balls. With many different designs to choose from. For example, superhero style, cartoon, zombie,… And many more, they can also be customized to express happy, sad, and angry emotions.

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