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By MinhDuc - New update 19/09/2023
Revelation Mobile MOD APK 0.18.0
Name Revelation Mobile
Version v0.18.0
Size 1GB
Support Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers VNG Corporation


Game Revelation Mobile MOD APK is a role-playing game developed by NetEase Games. And exclusively released by VNGGames in the market of 6 Southeast Asian countries. This is the first open-world RPG that allows players to compete across countries. Between Vietnam and other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia. Possesses an intensive combat mechanism full of competition. Revelation Mobile also has many PVE / PK activities of all kinds. Help players experience the feeling of fighting all the time.

With nearly 5 years of development and a budget of nearly 70 million dollars to perfect the game. Game Revelation: Infinite Journey will take you to a world no one has ever seen. A place where you can live a life of your own.

Download Revelation Mobile MOD – The HOTTEST Open World RPG 2023

Not just a quality entertainment product in terms of graphic images. Revelation Mobile hack also gives you a feeling of being free to be yourself. In a vast sea and sky world with extremely unique features and experiences. The publisher is proud that only Revelation: Infinite Journey has it. Revelation Mobile is invested in more detail and depth than its predecessor PC with 4 design and development philosophies.

Download Revelation Thiên Dụ MOD

Each character has a personal role-playing and maturation process. To become a completely separate individual from another character. Players can live happily and harmoniously in the fantasy world through the professions that you love the most and choose.

Highlights in Revelation Mobile

Download the game and experience to live life in your own style. Freedom to be the version you want and explore Chan May continent in your own way. You are invited to a unique world of “melting all senses”. A wonderful world through the clouds and across the sea that only Revelation Mobile Mod has at the moment.

• Free, realistic and detailed open world
• Freedom to fly in the sky, explore the ocean floor
• Innovative and attractive career system
• Eye-catching and equally powerful skill set
• The best character appearance tweaking system on the market
• Multi-national PK, including eSports tournaments for 6 Southeast Asian countries

Tải Revelation Thiên Dụ MOD

Hack Revelation: Infinite Journey owns 5 factions including Luu Quang, Quang Nhan, Ngoc Hu, Holy Temple and Linh Lung. Each faction has its own set of unique, unique and extremely eye-catching skills. Besides the faction, you can also freely choose 1 of 5 professions in the game. Includes musicians, dancers, fashion designers, chefs and choreographers. Each career has its own characteristics and extremely creative gameplay waiting for you to discover.

Deep character customization

Hack Revelation Mobile development team did a thorough survey before designing. Players will feel like “raising a daughter in the game Revelation”. Or the most important thing is that you can create images that in reality you have enjoyed but haven’t had the opportunity to do.

Therefore, you can see that the game Revelation: Infinite Journey has a very high-freedom face-shaping system. In which the most unique feature is to create a face as you want, to do what you dare not do. For example, the hair customization section, besides the traditional hairstyle and hair color. The game also has a series of features such as highlight dye, ombre dye, hair curling … extremely diverse. So it will meet all styles and preferences of players whether male or female.

Besides, there is a 51-position expression system. Players can sharpen every detail to the highest quality. Customize each line to create as many thousands of pages as you want.

Game Revelation Thiên Dụ MOD

Graphics have 1 no 2

Each landscape in Revelation Mobile Mod is a combination of inspiration from realistic scenes like when traveling. Along with the massive sea and sky idea that the developer wants to bring to you. A real world of sea and sky, where you immerse yourself & find where you belong.

The developer has planned a sequence of scenic spots. Refer to thousands of entertainment shows, parks, and amusement parks. Revelation: Infinite Journey brings a vast, vivid world of sea and sky. Where players can completely freely fly through the clouds or swim in the deep sea. But there is still a sense of connection between the game and reality. Enhance the feeling of immersion and immersion in the endless, majestic, overwhelming and truest scenery.

Hack Revelation Thiên Dụ APK

With an investment of up to 70 million USD, Revelation Mobile Mod owns the top quality in MMORPG games. And is one of the trump cards of the NetEase house. The game possesses detailed 3D graphics, and the largest character customization system on the market at the moment.

On the occasion of the launch event, Revelation: Infinite Journey Mod also brings the My Dien Chan May Event. A playground for adventurers to have the opportunity to show their ingenuity and taste. In creating unique faces with their own imprint.

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