RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD 2.2.6 (Full Game, Unlocked Planes, Map, Skins)

By MinhDuc - New update 28/02/2024
RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD 2.2.6 (Full Game, Unlocked Planes, Map, Skins)
Name RFS - Real Flight Simulator
Version v2.2.6
Size 355MB
MOD Features Full Game, Unlocked Planes, Map, Skins
Support Android 4.3
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers RORTOS


RFS – Real Flight Simulator is a flight simulation game. The game is designed with realistic 3D graphics that reproduce the flight controls. From takeoff to landing, through operations. Everything in the game happens in a certain sequence. Bringing you an enjoyable experience. When participating in the game, you will play as a talented pilot who controls planes in the vast sky. Stable operation and safe landing to complete the mission. The game offers you many features of an airplane. Quite complicated so you need some time to get used to it. Going through each flight will help you improve your pilot’s skills and experience.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod – Become A Pilot To Operate Your Own Plane

Game RFS – Real Flight Simulator can be called one of the hottest games right from its launch. With millions of users worldwide. Here, simulate flights in the most realistic way. From the environment, the weather to the buildings is clearly displayed. It includes an ATC controller with modern features. You can chat with other pilots during the flight. At the same time, a 360-degree field of view can be used to observe every nook and cranny of the aircraft. Together with the top-down view, you can enjoy the flight more realistically than ever before. See the city at night shimmering with lights, overcoming dangerous storms. Land safely to complete the mission and open up new routes. Go to many new countries, and discover many interesting things on your own flight.

Game Real Flight Simulator Mod

Control system

Start participating in RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod to get familiar with the control system. The aircraft control functions are displayed on the screen. Go back and learn how to use the stable flight function. Flexible controls combined with buttons will make your flight more engaging than ever. Just controlling the plane taking off is a rather complicated process. First, it is necessary to move the aircraft to the runway. Park in the correct position to prepare for take-off. Use SYS to start the system, along with other function keys. Then it is necessary to use the A/P function to increase the speed and gain momentum of the aircraft. Combine RUB to help the aircraft move straight on the runway. Finally, choose the numbered levels to take off.

download Real Flight Simulator Mod

Things that need to do

When flying a plane in the sky, you have to perform many different tasks. Use the features of game RFS – Real Flight Simulator to be able to control the plane flexibly. The publisher has updated a lot of new features. Follow radar and map to see the schedule, and position of the aircraft in motion. Use the RUB to correct the direction and keep the aircraft moving in the right direction on the radar. It also records the aircraft’s current speed, wind direction, and altitude. Please use the corresponding functions in the controller for the most stable operation of the aircraft.

Land safely

Besides controlling the plane in version RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod. Landing on the runway is also an extremely complicated thing. If you don’t know how the plane will lose direction and cause damage. To land safely, it is necessary to observe the radar to know the safe position. At the same time reduce the altitude and speed of the aircraft. Intelligently adjust the direction of travel to keep the plane straight down the runway. Landing as accurately as possible the plane will not shake and land safely.

Real Flight Simulator Mod

More than 30 unique planes

With a diverse aircraft system, game RFS – Real Flight Simulator has shown everyone the heat that no other game has. There are more than 30 different types of aircraft. Usually AIRBUS A350 – 900, AIRBUS A380 – 800, BAE SYSTEMS 146, BOEING 737 – 800, BOEING 747 – 200B,… Each aircraft has a different VR rotation, VREF flight speed, and VLO landing speed. together. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the amount of cargo and passengers that are also detailed. The system also lists the same maximum uptime. From there, it will help you know your ability to fly and choose the right aircraft.

Real Flight Simulator Mod

RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod is a very realistic aircraft simulation game. Therefore, players can fully observe the details in the cockpit of the aircraft. From the sitting position, the viewing angle changes from the driver’s seat to the aircraft controls. Everything is simulated down to the smallest detail. Gives you the feeling of flying an airplane in real life. In addition, the sound is also one of the factors that stimulate players. Extremely realistic engine sound simulation with an external perspective. Every time the plane’s speed and altitude change, the sound of the engine changes as well. Adjust the atmosphere to bring the joy of flying.

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