Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (Unlimited money, gems)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/01/2024
Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (Unlimited money, gems)
Name Rise of Kingdoms
Version v1.0.78.18
Size 113.7MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, gems
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers LilithGames


Surely players are bored with survival action games. Want to experience new things, then Rise of Kingdoms Mod will be the right choice. Brings extremely attractive gameplay. So right from the launch, it has been well-received by many players around the world. Is a strategy game, intellectual. Allows players to learn about many human civilizations. Transform into a king, and build your own kingdom. Along with that, fight against the enemies who intend to invade the country. Besides, complete quests to discover and investigate the mysteries behind the kingdom. The system also provides many new features, to assist players in the experience. From there, there will be unforgettable moments here.

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As a strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms Mod requires self-creative thinking. In the beginning, players will be able to choose certain civilizations themselves. From there, building and developing it is mighty. Specifically, build a farm, field or barracks, etc. There, grow crops to prepare food for the army. Harvest time will depend on the current level. You can also explore new lands. Go to the enemy’s kingdom to plunder resources, from which you can strengthen the army of the mighty kingdom. Specifically, just direct your army to other countries. Thanks to that, fight against enemies that appear everywhere. In addition, you can join or leave the battle at any time you want. Team up with other kingdoms to defeat your enemies quickly.Download Rise of Kingdoms Mod

Simple gameplay

To become king and rule a mighty kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms Mod. Before invading other countries, must build and strengthen your powerful army. With strategic gameplay, every mission in this must be done carefully. As a military leader, have to complete many operations to command and train the army. In order for a country to be strong, it must have a strong military force. So that’s the most important task here.Rise of Kingdoms Mod

Rise of Kingdoms Mod has 8 different civilizations. Each civilization has its own characteristics. After choosing a civilization, it is necessary to build from the smallest things. From small houses, then a large territory with many inhabitants, and solid buildings. A parallel quest is to recruit, train and build a powerful army for the kingdom. When the force is consolidated, the number is guaranteed. Since then, it has expanded its territory and mastered other countries.

Construction of works

To have a strong and prosperous country. Building the necessary buildings in Rise of Kingdoms Mod is a very important thing. Use the money earned to upgrade, and build many different types of buildings. Including barracks, construction sites, factories, etc. On the territory of the country, it is necessary to calculate and allocate the construction location of the works so that it is reasonable. The building is just the first step. Then you have to upgrade each building.Rise of Kingdoms Mod

If you want to speed up in Rise of Kingdoms Mod, you can use the speed card. Large territory, many buildings, and a powerful army is the goal of every player. This shows the full strength of the country. Not only is it strong in defense, but its attack power also makes others tremble. For effective building and planning, use the master map. By covering the entire area, you will have the facilities to carry out future construction projects.

Invading other countries

To increase the attractiveness, Rise of Kingdoms Mod also adds combat missions. The wars here involve two aspects. One is defense, against invading armies. Or vice versa, you will be a powerful army attacking, and capturing the territory of the most popular countries. Want your kingdom to grow, create an elite army. Take them into battle, and defeat the enemy team to gain new land. When conquering a certain country, your country will have more things. Beyond resources, there are always dangers.Game Rise of Kingdoms Mod

Once rich in resources, as well as a powerful army. There will be many enemies by level in Rise of Kingdoms Mod that want to capture. Be prepared to face these things. To win, you must prepare well in terms of personnel. Recruit good soldiers and put them in the right position. A solid defensive foundation will give you confidence in expeditions. In particular, this is also a favorable premise to be able to ally and strengthen strength with other countries.

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