Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod 1.51.1 (Weak Opponents)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/03/2024
Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod {{version}} (Weak Opponents)
Name Rival Stars Horse Racing
Version v1.51.1
Size 77MB
MOD Features Weak Opponent
Support Android 6.0
Category Sport
Price Free
Developers PIKPOK


You are a horse lover. Want to join their races? Then Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod brings a playground for horse racing enthusiasts. Show your talent and build and plan a strategy for the horse farm. The game offers many races around the world to participate in. From professional stadiums to large colorful football fields. Includes many modes and favorite horse racing maps for players to enjoy the thrill. Moreover, let’s create a large horse farm. Feed them, raise them and become true warriors on your way. Don’t neglect to upgrade the horse to make them stronger and faster than before.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod – Entertaining Horse Racing Sports Game

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod brings a lively horse racing arena. Far different from similar games on the market. Here is a place that promises wonderful moments of relaxation. With busy racecourses and peaceful horse farms. Two opposite aspects, but always go hand in hand in your experience. Breed horses, train them, and enjoy some gentle time on the farm. But don’t miss the hottest race fun on the planet. Fierce competition with real opponents. Win to put your name on the leaderboard. From there, more people will know.Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod

Join exciting races

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod provides many modes for players to experience in the best way. Includes different racing styles. If you are a new player, you will definitely enjoy the practice mode. It does not depend on speed, position, or performance. At the same time, you can explore the challenges on the track and practice your horse racing skills. When you’re ready, there are many new options to explore. This can be a clue in story mode or in PvP mode. In story mode, the mission is to complete tracks to unlock exciting new challenges over time. On the other hand, if you run in real-time, your opponent will be a real opponent. They are much more unpredictable than system-powered competitors.Ear Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod

Horse farm development

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod is now more than just thrilling horse races. It is also possible to play as a farmer taking care of the horses on the farm. It allows starting a horse empire from a small farm that you inherited from your grandfather. But it’s not as beautiful as it used to be, it needs to be repaired and improved. Unlock new areas, add stables, training areas… To develop it horse farm over time. It will also be necessary to unlock more horses, hire more workers, and complete upgrade quests.download Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod brings an extremely diverse horse system. To be able to create new horses, you need to go to the shop to unlock or be in spawn mode. Pair two breeds of horses together to create a foal that possesses the traits of its parents. The task is to take care of it to grow up and become a real species. But you should upgrade it regularly to improve the speed, sprint power, and acceleration of Putting the pony into training mode. They need to be exercised as soon as they are physically and mentally fit.

Vivid and realistic 3D design

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Bring beautiful and realistic pictures. In particular, the illustrations of the horses reveal the temperament of real warriors. The images of the track, the field, the farm… are also very realistic. Truly immersive horse racing experiences. The scenes are shot in the third person, fully observing the super cool performances of the horses. Each gesture is displayed extremely vividly in terms of effects, the sound is excellent. Thanks to that, creating an extremely professional race and attracted many viewers.Game Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod

In short, Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod is really a game that should be experienced even once. Feel the novelty that many other games do not have. Along different horses with unique looks and powers. Do not miss the opportunity to promote and occupy the top position on the leaderboard. Or you can breed new horse breeds to create a huge horse breeding city. Let’s develop a dream horse farm together.

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