Download Robot Car Transformation Game APK 1.38 Free

By MinhDuc - New update 24/12/2023
Robot Car Transformation Game APK 1.38
Name Robot Car Transformation Game
Version v1.38
Size 96MB
Support Android 6.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Zego Global Publishing


Robot Car Transformation Game is extremely attractive fighting transforming robot game. Simulate the wars of transforming robot cars in 3rd person. It belongs to the action game genre developed and published by Zego Global Publishing. There is an extremely attractive combat gameplay because you can control the machines that can transform extremely cool. You will become a superhero to defeat the enemies that are invading our world.

If you are looking for the best action game on mobile. Then this is the most thrilling game, a great choice for you. You will become the owner of a powerful and extremely “cool” robot. It can transform into many different types of vehicles at your will. And be ready to confront the enemy with destructive weapons. With Robot Car Transformation Game, you will get unlimited money, immortal mode to win the game easier.

Download Robot Car Transformation Game MOD – Transforming robot battle alien robot

You will admire the beautiful graphics and eye-catching transformations of the robot. Robot Car Transformation Game will give you control of vehicles that look normal. But the fact is that it will have an extremely “battle” ability. They can transform into robots when necessary to fight the earth invaders.

Download Robot Car Transformation Game Mod

With tons of different weapons for you to choose from, such as: laser beam, steel fist. Or countless other types of guns with outstanding power. These weapons can be upgraded to increase their effectiveness during intense combat. For every opponent destroyed, the earth is a little safer. Be the hero, fight the evil invaders.

Dramatic transformation gameplay

Are you ready to be the superhero “Optimus Prime” in Robot Car Transformation Game? This third-person simulator lets you control a powerful robot. Use the eye laser to bombard your opponents or knock them down with punches from your powerful hands. Your robot can also transform into different types of vehicles to defeat alien enemies.

As mentioned, you can choose to transform into many different shapes. In each shape, you will have your own control, the attack will also be very different. For example, when you take the form of an iron tiger with sharp claws. You will attack opponents by jumping back and forth and scratching enemies, or fatal bites. And yet, the tail can also transform into a powerful 6-barrel “Gatling Gun” heavy machine gun.

Tải Robot Car Transformation Game Mod

Or when transforming into a robot, you can fly high with a jet engine on your back. Fight enemies with kicks, punches, kicks, or laser beams to burn everything. The robot’s laser beam can melt all kinds of iron and steel. The alien robots will melt into water if they can’t avoid the laser beam.

Features in Robot Car Transformation Game Mod

A shooting game between robot car and real robot car. With lots of transforming robots and cars to enjoy and explore. Become a hero in a robot transforming moto game, explore robot wars from a strange future with beautiful 3D graphics.

Own powerful Robots with police limousines in military vehicle models, with characters and visually stunning graphics. Join the battle against gangster robot mafia gangster with clash of hours.

See transforming robot cars with HD quality graphics, and classic battles in the big city. The character of Robot Car Transformation Game hack game can equip and upgrade weapons. For you to use in the city full of alien robots with dark plots.

Game Robot Car Transformation Game Mod

As you defeat more alien robots, you will help protect your home world from destruction. With exciting action scenes and thrilling battles. Transforming Robot Car Game offers a unique combination of robots and supercars. Each character has special powers and turns every fight into an epic machine battle.

How to play Robot Car Transformation Game

If you are looking for an adventure with beautiful graphics with a variety of transforming robots and cars. Then the shooting game “transforming robot car” is really for you. In this game you can explore a fantasy futuristic world full of smartest transforming robots. At the same time, you can fight them with the most powerful robot which is a police limousine or a military vehicle robot model.

To control the transforming warrior in Robot Car Transformation Game Mod. You just need to use the left joystick cluster to move. And the right attack button to fight, or fire weapons to take down any robot in your way. Try to survive until you are the last warrior of the war.

You can shoot a rope into a building and climb to the top thanks to a robot car combo with powerful muscles. Or jet cars, when transformed into robots, can fly up by the rear engine. Get ready to defend the world in this futuristic robot car battle.

Hack Robot Car Transformation Game

The characters in this transforming robot car game have really special powers. Are you excited to play this Robot Car Transformation Game? What are you waiting for without downloading the game and experiencing it right away? Join the fiercest battles in the city with transforming cars. With powerful combat skills, and a modern weapon system of the future. You will be hooked on this exciting adventure right now.

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