Robot Fighting 2 Mod APK 3.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/01/2024
Robot Fighting 2 Mod APK 3.0.5 (Unlimited Money)
Name Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D
Version v3.0.5
Size 87MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Real Fighting


Along with the development of the robot era, the industry is being accepted by more and more people. Because of the things it can do, including entertainment. Currently, the American battle program BattleBots is well known to many people. Robot Fighting 2 Mod is the game inspired by it. The game gives players the opportunity to create their own warriors. A powerful robot equipped with all kinds of weapons. The shape will be created by the player and decided in the design feature. Used to participate in competitions, and matches with many other opponents. Dramatic solo fights await. The game was designed a lot, spoiled for players to try their control ability. With the ultimate goal of winning against all enemies.

Download Robot Fighting 2 Mod – Test Your Controls With Battles Between Robots

Fighting between humans is all too familiar. All genres from boxing to using weapons to attack. Now Robot Fighting 2 Mod will bring a new breath to the action genre. Based on the popular American TV show. A place for players to freely express their creativity. When you are in the role of a designer, create a robot according to your wishes. From the puzzle pieces that have been designed by the game. There’s no shortage of selectable weapons, important in docking. Think of creating the perfect masterpiece with absolute defense. To participate in matches to prove their own strength in terms of control. Move towards the opponent to attack, dealing damage. The side that takes the most damage until the time is up will lose.Tie Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Defeat the Enemy Battle

Robot Fighting 2 Mod is built with countless battles, spoiled for players to entertain. Lots of different types of enemies. Not only moving on wheels like chariots but also having children on foot. Shape like scorpion, dinosaur. Join the game, players will have to find a way to defeat them all. By finding the opponent’s weak point to attack. The battlefield will be pre-designed full of obstacles and dangerous traps. In addition to increasing the difficulty, it is also very useful for killing the enemy if you know how to take advantage. Close, push the opponent into it, and the victory will be a little simpler. Fortunately, the match can be ended. Destroy the robot and move on to the next competition.Download Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Design Support System

It is not wrong to say that designing a robot is extremely difficult. There are many different problems that need a professional to be able to do. In Robot Fighting 2 Mod, everything will be simpler. All are pre-built with hundreds of different details. Participating players only need to choose and assemble ideas. Almost nothing can get in the way, feel free to be creative. All kinds of weapons, from saws to close-range attacks when touching the enemy. The game also has flamethrowers, magnets, etc., which can be mounted at any end. Not just one, but many are possible. It is important to rely on the wishes of the player. When this stage will directly affect the outcome of each match.Robot Fighting 2 Mod

Many Tasks To Perform

Game Robot Fighting 2 Mod has a lot of different missions. By month, week, and day, players are free to try and challenge themselves. The good point here is the reward that the player can receive when completing. Even with special missions, it is possible to get rare items. Used for upgrading robots is extremely effective. Improved weapons and enhanced armor makes the enemy almost no chance to win. It is entirely possible to create an undefeated warrior from here. Corresponding to it is a very high difficulty, and the completion is not simple. Take advantage of the function to find opportunities for yourself.Game Robot Fighting 2 Mod

With the Robot Fighting 2 Mod version, players will receive an additional utility feature. Unlimited money is something that can change the whole game. When the game has a lot of things that need to cost money if you want to do it. The upgrade and improvement of robots, for example. With a huge amount of money, it is extremely simple to create a strong warrior to use in the competition. The store is full of stuff that players can take advantage of. Feel free to push the power of the robot up high with all kinds of weapons. Victory will be in hand when the odds are high. Completing the task will become a lot easier.

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