Download Rodeo Stampede MOD 4.1.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, VIP, Unlocked All Animals, Free Shopping) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 10/04/2024
Rodeo Stampede MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, VIP, Unlocked All Animals, Free Shopping)
Name Rodeo Stampede
Version v4.1.0
Size 178,4MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Coins, VIP, Unlocked All Animals, Free Shopping
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Yodo1 Games


Rodeo Stampede is a pretty famous game on the market. So since its launch, it has received a lot of reception. Enter the world of animals. Let’s join the adventure, and discover interesting things in the city. On this journey, the player will meet other players’ animals. It’s great to compete with online players. Each match has a different destination. Requires players to be very skillful in all modes. The task here is to control the animal as far as possible. When sitting on it, there is a support device which is a rope. Use this rope to control the pet to go in the direction you want. You cannot sit on the back of an animal for too long. Each animal is only allowed to sit on its back for a limited time. Use your time wisely to explore the zoo.

Download Rodeo Stampede Mod – Start your adventure on the backs of animals

Game Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari sounds pretty simple. But it’s not like that, in fact. Because no animal likes someone to sit on its back. Therefore, taming methods must be used. Let the animals listen to you. The animals in this game are very special. When they were seated on their backs, at first they did not react at all. After a while, they frantically ran towards their target. Each species has different mobility. So the choice of pet in each game depends on luck. On this journey, the system allows changing any mount freely. But be careful not to fall. Because if you fall, do not move in time, other animals will jump on you immediately. Make sure this doesn’t happen.

Ear Rodeo Stampede Mod

Discover many interesting things

It brings a lot of different places to explore. The lands in Rodeo Stampede Mod have a common obstacle. The difficulty of the challenges increases over time. Journey the distance further and further with each level. With that comes more challenges to face. Here there is an entertainment mode, if you feel uncomfortable, too much pressure. Then you can play the game in this mode. The infinite way is what in this mode there is no end goal. In addition, the obstacles and pitfalls on the way are also absent. Players can freely ride on their pet’s back to go anywhere. Discover the most beautiful things. Complete the assigned tasks. Unlock new lands right now.

Rodeo Stampede Mod

Unlock the costumes

The reality in the game Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is not easy to sit on the back of animals. Firstly, because not all animals are gentle enough to let you ride. Second, the animals are very aggressive. If riding they can be attacked. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy. Ensure the safety of the main character in the game. The system allows players to customize their character’s outfit. They can change their clothing style. With many different types of costumes for players to choose from. Each set has a retail price ranging from low to high depending on player usage.

Game Rodeo Stampede Mod

Taming the animals

To play experience in the best way. Must tame animals in version Rodeo Stampede Mod. Each species will have its own way of taming. Players must search for information and how to tame each of these animals. From there, follow along and join them in discovering the match. The unique thing is that you can build your own zoo. In the zoo, you can keep animals you like. Put them in different boxes. Feed them every day and you’ll get used to being able to increase the intimacy. From there will quickly tame all the animals you desire.

download Rodeo Stampede Mod

In short, game Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari is an interesting game. It is worth the player to discover even just once. It gives players a race with animals. With the rope, use your own way to control the animals to move at will. Overtake all other animals and reach the finish line. Valuable rewards will be for you. Join the trip to compete and tame the animals in an instant. Connect with wild animals and compete in classic races now.

HOT feature of Rodeo Stampede Mod

  • The gameplay using a noose to catch animals is new, so it is quite attractive to gamers.
  • Go on wild adventures and collect various animals.
  • Many different wild animals in the game such as buffalo, ostrich, elephant, tiger, leopard, bird…
  • Collect a variety of beautiful hats for your character.
  • Invite visitors to visit your collection. Expand and manage the zoo to earn great rewards from visitors.

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