Roller Ball 6 Mod APK 6.5.7 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 09/01/2024
Roller Ball 6 Mod APK 6.5.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Bounce Ball 6: Roller Ball 6
Version v6.5.7
Size 86MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Great Arcade Games


Roller Ball 6 Mod was created and developed by the Great Arcade Games team. With the desire to be able to bring players a completely new journey. When now join the game. No longer being transformed into a human or creature like other games of the same genre. Which will be turned into a ball with a mission to save the world that is threatened by the dictator. Players when participating in the game will have to help the ball to complete the mission. By using buttons that have been designed to control. Make the ball can move forward, backward, or jump appropriately. Combine actions together to be able to overcome dangerous obstacles. As well as the attack from the enemy to be able to keep moving forward. Overcome all the island-breaking game.

Download Roller Ball 6 Mod – Challenge Yourself With Hard Adventure

Roller Ball 6 Mod will bring a new story about the world of balls. In a place that should be peaceful, an evil dictator appears with his accomplices to affect the order. The world is in turmoil and is in danger of extinction. Join the game players need to do something. Find a way to tackle a multitude of perilously constructed challenges. Roads with lots of obstacles and pitfalls. As well as being surrounded by dangerous minions. Always on standby at all times to take down any target that appears. Do your best, and keep striving. Find a way to control the ball well to be able to dodge, carefully step by step to ensure safety. Constantly moving forward, passing through the gates and destroying all the enemies. Go to the end,Tai Roller Ball 6 Mod

Multiple Challenging Levels

Roller Ball 6 Mod designed a long journey with the task of destroying all evil enemies. Stop their plot to destroy the world. With countless challenges waiting for players to join and try. Divided into several levels, up to several hundred. The difficulty will be gradually increased from low to high, the later it becomes more and more difficult. Obstacles and traps will be based on the level that gradually increases. More and more arranged, so did the enemy. The strength depends on each level, their attack speed will become faster and faster. Requires players to constantly improve themselves, and be able to quickly handle situations. But it is still possible to keep alive to continue the journey.Download Roller Ball 6 Mod

Danger Trap Agency

Join the adventure in Roller Ball 6 Mod, along with the ball to destroy the evil enemies. The path will constantly appear as dangerous obstacles to prevent walking. As well as creating challenges that make players have to constantly brainstorm. The most typical pitfalls are sharp nails and deep abysses. Just accidentally touching or moving too much can cause you to fall into deep holes, which can completely stop the game. And will have to start over from the starting line of the gate. But the game also has things to support. With organs, the rocks only need to act to be able to move. Importantly, players need to know based on the terrain and the items that have been designed as springboards to overcome. As long as you make the most of it, there’s always a way to move forward.Roller Ball 6 Mod

Change Ball Shape

Roller Ball 6 Mod is more than just a single ball ride. At some gates will appear new balls with different shapes. As captives, if the player can rescue them, it is extremely useful. The game is not only created to have, it is completely possible to switch between balls to change shape. There will be some tough challenges that need these benefits. Made with a unique ability, adaptable in certain environments. If you know how to use it, the challenges along the way will become much easier.Game Roller Ball 6 Mod

Roller Ball 6 Mod is designed with an extremely useful feature that is unlimited money. Will bring the player’s in-game account to increase many times. It is even possible to achieve the maximum value, using it without spending or losing. Help players can buy or unlock anything, as long as it’s good to make it easy to pass through the gates. Or it’s okay to own it all since the money can’t be lost now. Because with the mod, players will not need to work hard to earn money. Just want to bring the best experience to people

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