Romance Fate MOD 3.1.2 (Unlocked Premium choices, Free rewards)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/03/2024
Romance Fate MOD {{version}} (Unlocked Premium choices, Free rewards)
Name Romance Fate: Story & Chapters
Version v3.1.2
Size 190MB
MOD Features Unlocked Premium choices, Free rewards
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Higgs Technology Ltd.


Do you believe in fairy tales? Or yearn for an exciting adventure and find romance in it. Then the game Romance Fate: Story & Chapters is the best choice for you at the moment. Give players a romantic story. But no less attractive, dramatic, and full of tragedy. Join the game you transform into the main character of the story. Have the power to decide what happens next. With a pretty impressive story. Bring unforgettable adventures. The decision to take will affect you. There are people around in that erotic adventure. Impress players from the very beginning with its realistic and vivid design. Meet the characters in the story with attractive appearances. With an interesting personal life story.

Download Romance Fate Mod – Unique Interactive Story Collection

Game Romance Fate: Story & Chapters offers a journey of adventure. Pretty engaging interactions are waiting for you to explore. So right from the release, it has been well received and experienced by a large number of users. The game includes stories of diverse genres. From romance to science fiction and beyond. At the beginning of the story, you all get to choose and design the appearance of your character.

game Romance Fate Mod

Instead of suggesting available looks, Romance Fate allows players to customize it so that it is unique. Specifically, you can adjust hairstyles, outfits and accessories, and more. Along with that, there are dozens of gorgeous outfits to choose from. Outstanding looks and accessories create a bold character. Then the story will begin with confidence and pride.

Discover special stories

Let’s see the most typical stories in Romance Fate

The Billionaire Neighbor: The name tells a part of the story. Your neighbor is a handsome guy with a lot of money. He has it all but the only thing he really wants is you. However, the dark past will stand in your way when you are determined to pursue love. Can two different worlds merge into one to lead to happiness? Next is your choice.

Forbidden Affair: You will take on a new job. But during a club party. You meet a very hot stranger. He wants to do things you’ve never tried before. But later found out, he is the director of the company you are about to move to. It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Exciting things are still ahead.

Romance Fate Mod

Obsession: You accidentally get involved in a love triangle, and those two are brothers. One of them is the infamous dangerous mafia. The other one is a policeman ready to take him down. When you get entangled in the web of relationships, your life will be swept along with it. At that time, who will you choose to protect that person?

Love Practice: Reuniting with my ex-boyfriend in high school in a special project. Then he offers you to become his exclusive volunteer and will receive many things. Are you ready to join? The decision will be yes or no. Each decision will bring a new direction.

Choose and decide your fate

Game Romance Fate: Story & Chapters night comes with puzzles with different choices. It determines the direction of the story. Each story comes with contrasting choices. So the choice will also lead you to the good or the undesirable. Besides, it also affects the people around. It is the relationships that make up real life in the game. One by one will make players curious about it. Gives a pretty enjoyable experience. Another similar love game that is also quite interesting is Love Chat: Love Story Chapters, you can try it

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Realistic and vivid images

With modern graphic design. Romance Fate Mod will make you excited from the first experience. The character system is diverse with sophisticated, well-thought-out design, even the dialogue. The same story is hidden inside. The images appear attractive. What stands out the most is the character’s appearance. Take us to fairy tales with many nuances. The context in the game changes flexibly with each movement. The questions are brief but bring different meanings to the story.

Tai Romance Fate Mod

Romance Fate is really a game that should be experienced once. Bring moments of relaxation in a captivating love story. The player always has the right to choose what happens and ends the story. Making it the most anticipated game of the year. Let’s experience and discover this love story right now.

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