Download Rooms of Doom Mod APK 1.4.81 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 05/01/2024
Rooms of Doom Mod APK 1.4.81 (Unlimited Money)
Name Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness
Version v1.4.81
Size 55MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Yodo1 Games


Rooms of Doom Mod is a game in the Arcade genre. Created and developed by the team Yodo1 Games has over 1 million downloads. The game creates a laboratory, where the player who joins will become the boss. A mad scientist with many strange inventions about animals. And have complete authority to decide and handle everything. The goal is to use all modern designed machine tools. Available to create new creatures. From genetic modification, crossbreeding from many species together. Turn them into mighty warriors with special abilities. Take to battle, and take part in special challenges. Overcome the arduous journey with countless obstacles. Find a way for that creature to overcome the limit, and conquer all levels.

Download Rooms of Doom Mod – Transform into a Creature Research Course

If you are in need of a fun creative entertainment game. Rooms of Doom Mod is the top choice that you cannot ignore. Join the game, players will be transformed into scientists. By their own initiatives together with the laboratory. Constantly to be able to research new species of creatures. From the selection of certain strong animal individuals. The game is designed a lot, spoiled for choice. Use two separate species for crossbreeding. From there, a new species was born with the characteristics of both species. For example, in a bee with a lion, in addition to the appearance, strength is also inherited. While being able to fly, the attack power that can be dealt with is also very strong. Not only animals on land, but underwater can also do it. It is important to create a strong warrior or not.Game Rooms of Doom Mod

Create More Than You Think

On the first day, the game Rooms of Doom Mod was created. All experiments and research revolve around animals with different behaviors. But through the process of development and updating, the game can now combine animals with an item. Or animals with certain plants. For example, it is possible for snails to merge with the TV. Or a crab with a magnet, a mouse with a piece of cheese, etc. Is a revolution in science related to crazy theories. Only in the game can you do that. Even a hybrid of a cactus in a pot with a monkey is possible. There are many creatures created regardless of the combination created. Relax and be creative.Tai Rooms of Doom Mod

Challenge To Verify

The goal is also the mission when becoming a scientist in the game Rooms of Doom Mod. It is to create creatures. From the selection of parent bodies to create offspring. Turn them into powerful warriors. But based on theory and calculation alone, it is impossible to fully grasp the possibilities. That’s why the game has small games for players to bring their results to experience. Test your strength by overcoming countless challenges that are about to be expensive. By Destroying, fend off dangerous obstacles and traps. To get as far as possible, it’s best to get to the end.Rooms of Doom Mod

Warrior Upgrade

Upgrading is a feature for which Rooms of Doom Mod was made. Helps creatures that have been created over time verify. Challenge yourself by participating in crossroad games. But not yet qualified, from which it is possible to upgrade the power many times. By genetically modified evolution. It’s not just about the power stats that can be significantly increased. Even the appearance is also changed accordingly. Compared to its original form, it looks much stronger and fierce. Definitely when participating in the challenge back to the map to fight. Everything will become a lot easier.Download Rooms of Doom Mod

The player will be a mad scientist, engaged in research. To find out and create new species of creatures, is not easy to achieve achievement. It requires a lot of resources. Or to unlocking the map of obstacles and challenges. The same goes for upgrades for warriors to become stronger. It takes a huge amount of money. But don’t worry too much about Rooms of Doom Mod. As the version has been reworked and improved, to help players has added an unlimited money feature. Provide an abundant resource to freely use. Feel free to create powerful warriors.

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