Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod APK 3.2 (Menu, Onehit, Diamond, Immortal, Speed)

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Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod APK 3.2 (Menu, Onehit, Diamond, Immortal, Speed)
Name Royal Archero VS BOSS
Version 3.2
MOD Features Menu, Onehit, Diamond, Immortal, Speed
Size 114MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher W Online


Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod is an attractive shooting action game. Created and developed by the W Online team. With the context taken in the context of the world in danger. When countless monsters appeared, taking the earth as a battlefield. Everything man built is in danger of being destroyed. That’s why it is necessary for a hero to appear, and stand out to solve everything. And the player will help that hero fight the monsters. Turn yourself into a sniper with modern weapons. Find a way to destroy everything that affects the earth. Challenge yourself to get into danger. Fight for everyone, bring back the peaceful life like before the monster came.

Download Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod – Transform into a Hero Fighting for a Peaceful Earth

The monsters come to bring calamity to mankind. Join Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod now to be transformed into a hero. The savior stands up to fight monsters to protect the earth from invasion. The game is created with countless different levels but always has a single goal. That is, the player will have the opportunity to turn himself into a gunner, and try his hand at shooting and shooting arrows. Participate in monster battles. Giant creatures have terrible power, a little carelessness of the player can end his life. But nothing is impossible, players will also have modern weapons equipped such as guns or bows. Or other support items that can be obtained from completing monster-slaying quests. Just knowing how to apply, and not give up will definitely have a chance to win. Enjoy every moment with the battle brought. There will be difficulties but also challenges that the game creates for players to try.Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod

Modern equipment

The game is named Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod. Many people would think that the game is an archery game. The main character controlled by the player will use each bow or crossbow to destroy monsters. But not the game created a very large equipment inventory. In addition to bows and arrows, they are all modern items. Weapons are rifles or cannons that deal great damage to the intended target. And the range is extremely long, and the speed of the bullet cannot be underestimated. There is also armor or jewels. Just by equipping it, you will bring a huge defensive point. The monster that the game design is really strong, but with the weapons that can be equipped, it is not inferior. With just more practice the player can win.Download Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod

Team Support

Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod is built with a very new point that almost other action games do not have. In addition to equipment are weapons, armor, and jewelry of all kinds used to increase strength. When participating in battles with monsters. Players can completely bring more teammates. Creatures capable of attacking the intended target. Or there are special skills that can buff the combat character. Can bring up to two different types, and if used properly, will bring great advantages. When the attack power of those creatures was limitless. But of course, when attacked, it can be completely sacrificed and needs time to recoverGame Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod

Level Up Item

Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod as well as many other casual games. Always built with a special feature that can level up items. Each item when owned is at level 1, if you want them to become stronger, you have to go through the process of smithing. Depending on the type, it will add to the initial index a specific value. The higher the level will bring more power as equipment will give the character new abilities. Can easily win battles. Or at least be able to defeat the monsters in difficult challenges. Guarantee your life to pass the game screen.Tai Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod

Royal Archero VS BOSS Mod added and improved a lot of features. Typical examples are infinite diamonds. Help players can buy necessary items without having to worry about the price. Or upgrade item equipment to the maximum quickly. With immortality and speed, the mod will ensure players can win battles easily. Whether it’s with big monsters or with high levels. Because it’s almost impossible for the character’s life to be threatened when the speed bar never drops. Or firing guns to change ammunition also became quick.

Download Royal Archero VS BOSS MOD APK 3.2 (Menu, Onehit, Diamond, Immortal, Speed) 2023

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