Russian Car Drift Mod APK 1.9.49 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/01/2024
Russian Car Drift Mod APK 1.9.49 (Unlimited Money)
Name Russian Car Drift
Version v1.9.49
Size 166MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Carlovers Games


Russian Car Drift is a racing game but has a very special gameplay style for you. You won’t have to race against any of your opponents on the track anymore. Instead, it is the neatest handling of sharp turns on the track. The bends are always the thing that makes racing game players most concerned when playing. As a practice ground with lots of different terrain maps. The most difficult bends have appeared in this game for you to conquer. Surely the car you control will be wheeled for a distance. The technical word in racing is Drift. Spectacular Drifts embracing the sharp turns will definitely give you the ultimate feeling of excitement.

Download Russian Car Drift Mod – The Ultimate Drift on the Racetrack

Russian Car Drift is a game that is released completely for free on both Android and iOS operating system platforms. You will not have to spend any money to be able to join the game. Coming to this special racing game, you will become an extremely skilled racer. After a period of participating in the game, your handling skills will definitely reach a new level. The map here will always have corners with different folds for you to learn how to handle. Press the accelerator and brake pedals sensibly to drive the vehicle at the speed you desire most. Along with that is to bend the steering wheel with a sufficient steering angle to be able to pass the bends easily and not collide with the wall.

Download Russian Car Drift Mod

Join the Journey

Russian Car Drift is a racing game with familiar control gameplay. There will be nothing strange and difficult for you to start the journey of the game. Along with that, you will also receive developer instructions. To be able to understand the features quickly. You will get a not-so-expensive car when you first start participating in the game. During the game, you can collect resources from completing missions and doing well in races. To be able to use them and buy the best car for you. The first levels will be a lot easier than other maps. So that you can pass them easily and get used to the car’s controls.

Game Russian Car Drift Mod

Interesting Features

Russian Car Drift has a lot of different interesting features for you to enjoy. The in-game store will be home to a lot of beautiful and expensive supercars. With a full range of different styles and colors to satisfy almost any style for you. Choose a certain goal so that you can try to save money and own it. Upgraded features equip the car to bring a more excellent driving performance. It will also help you in the journey to conquer the most difficult gates. Each upgrade has different effects. There will be many things to motivate you to join the game and work hard every day.

Tai Russian Car Drift Mod

Game Graphics

Russian Car Drift owns a very beautiful set of 3D graphics for you to experience. 3D graphics will be an indispensable thing in the racing game form, to be able to bring the fullest emotion to the player. The physical effects when you control the car make you feel like you are becoming a racer in a real race. Sometimes it will make you lean over inertia when hugging bends. The cars are made in colorful and extremely high detail. High detail will make you feel the cars are much more realistic and beautiful. As close to the real-life car as possible.

Russian Car Drift Mod

You will get handy features when you join the Russian Car Drift version of the game. With unlimited money, the feature will help you a lot during the game. The most expensive cars in the shop are now invisible to you. When your money has now become unlimited. It doesn’t take long to try and accumulate enough money to own them. It will not be a short time when beautiful things always come with a price that is not cheap. This feature will help you play the game much easier than the regular version.

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