Ninja Ryuko MOD 1.4.0 (Menu, Free shopping/God mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 14/05/2024
Ninja Ryuko MOD {{version}} (Menu, Free shopping/God mode)
Name Ninja Ryuko
Version v1.4.0
Size 150MB
MOD Features Menu, Free shopping/God mode
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Horizon Games Inc


Ninja Ryuko is a new game released by Horizon Games. Belongs to the genre of action games, role-playing characters, and mixes more elements of an adventure game. With eye-catching sword fights that are no different from PC games. Along with superb graphics, deep storyline and engaging gameplay. Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game with the story revolves around the female protagonist named Ryuko. Ryuko’s goal is revenge, killing all the bad guys to bring peace to the land of Kurome. Your task is to find treasures and upgrade character skills. Train your fighting ability to help Ryuko overcome difficulties and challenges. An adventure full of dangers awaits you

Download Ninja Ryuko Mod – Adventure with the female shadow hunter in the journey of revenge

Ninja Ryuko is the title of the game on GooglePlay. Set in medieval Japan with the beautiful land of Kurome, majestic mountains, charming rivers. This place is very peaceful with clans with a tradition of ninja warriors. Among them is the dark ninja clan of the main character Ryuko. Suddenly one day, a strange dark force appeared and covered Kurome. Turning this place from a beautiful land has become desolate, gloomy. The people in the area were turned into a demon with lifeless black eyes. Ryuko’s family couldn’t avoid this disaster either. With her hidden strength, only Ryuko is the last survivor. She burned in her determination to take revenge, end the dark curse and free Kurome’s homeland.

Characters and enemies

Coming to the game Ninja Ryuko, you will be transformed into a female protagonist who is a shadow ninja named Ryuko. She is the last survivor of a martial arts ninja clan in Kurome. A clan capable of controlling the power of darkness. She always has to cover her eyes with a black scarf to avoid being mesmerized through the eyes of the devil. The vengeance that arose like a rage, along with special powers, was certain that Ryuko would succeed in revenge. Your enemy in the game is an evil force of darkness. With huge giant monsters, the shape is extremely bizarre. And the evil people, helping the bad guys bring the dark curse to Kurome.

Choose a Warrior

As mentioned above, Ninja Ryuko will have a beautiful and talented female protagonist. Also the superpowers of the dark and the burning desire for revenge. But not stopping there, in the game there are many other warriors. All are ninja warriors with extraordinary strength, giving you more variety in character selection. But not in the game that you can own all these powerful warriors. You need to complete important and special missions to receive. Or you can also buy in the store with ingame currency. The weapons of the warriors are big swords, giant hammers, sharp katana swords, even guns. Depending on the weapon they use, the combat style of the warriors is also different

Game Ryuko Mod

Top notch graphics

Ninja Ryuko is being considered a successful mobile role-playing game, reaching the top of the most popular mobile games. Succeeded by the visual and audio voyeurism, by the smoothness of the combat experience. Designed on the basis of Unity graphics technology has preserved the authenticity of the landscape. Make the visuals in the game really cool. Combining elements of the offline game makes the character’s slashing operations not smoother. You can open the game and kill monsters anywhere. Because “Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game” does not require an Internet connection. The sound in the game is quite varied depending on the context, although not excellent, but also quite lively.

Coming to Ninja Ryuko free version here, you will experience unlimited money feature. It will be interesting if you start the game and you can shop to your heart’s content. Save time plowing the game to earn your money, this is an advantage for you. Or with the unmatched by the immortal hack feature in the game Ryuko. Will help you fight continuously without worrying about your warriors. Download the game and accompany the beautiful female ninja. Help her avenge her family, for that beautiful land. Fight like mighty lions, fearless before any enemy. Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game is a game with an attractive 3rd person perspective and is worth playing

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