Scrapyard Tycoon Mod APK 3.0.0 (Infinite Upgrade)

By HAI NAM - Latest update: 17/11/2022
Scrapyard Tycoon Mod APK 3.0.0 (Infinite Upgrade)
Name Scrapyard Tycoon
Version 3.0.0
MOD Features Infinite Upgrade
Size 94.9M
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Neon Play


Scrapyard Tycoon Mod is an impressive simulation game, with extremely interesting gameplay. Here, players renovate the old scrap yard. Become a modern car park of its own. Here, you are a scrap collector but have the opportunity to build your own area. This will be the place to take advantage of the waste and turn them into useful. Discard each damaged vehicle and keep the usable parts—production of metal blocks from scrap parts of classified cars. Fulfill and fulfill orders to avoid overcrowding. Create a parking lot and operate it with your own power, from the debris of the scrap yard. It is possible to improve the unique parts of the cars.

Download Scrapyard Tycoon mod – Build a Parking Lot from a Scrap Collector

Become a landfill manager in Scrapyard Tycoon Mod. This is a new topic, so players will surely be curious about it. The road from the scrap yard to the parking lot will not be easy. It needs to be a gradual ascent, not rushed. Start by scaling up with bonuses from missions and satisfy customer requests. The money you get from fulfilling orders will largely contribute to the growth process. Do not run the scrap yard alone, but with the help of staff. They will help you manage the machines to produce the parts required by the customer. Allocate work to everyone appropriately. The staff will work with you to develop your own parking lot.Scrapyard Tycoon Mod

You can make a profit in Scrapyard Tycoon Mod with scrap yard car parts. Search and collect usable parts. Or recycle the necessary parts. From there, it can be sold at a huge profit. However, the parking development must also be compatible with the protection of the surrounding area. Use usable parts of scrap cars to sell to customers. Contact the scrap owners when you are out of stock. Move to each city and import materials to be able to continue production. Be responsive to every customer’s request because the growth of the parking lot depends on their satisfaction.

Scrapyard management

You will be the manager of a long abandoned scrap yard in the town of Scrapyard Tycoon Mod. If the scrap is not renovated, it will always be discarded scrap. Now, your task is to organize this scrap yard and turn it into the main source of income. Smash used cars. Produce everything for customers from recycled auto parts. Sign a contract when you find a potential source for your product at the scrap yard. Build more factories so you can store more cars in this scrap yard. Improve labor efficiency by hiring workers to take care of every process and department in the factory. Now it’s an old scrap factory, but in the future, it will have more novel colors.tai Scrapyard Tycoon Mod

Scrap recycling

Your factory in Scrapyard Tycoon Mod is the place to produce new products from old vehicles. You decide which vehicles will be repaired before you sell them. Damaged vehicles are dismantled, recycled, and sold on the market. This process can be done manually if only a few cars go to the scrap yard. Or maybe hire more people to help you run with clear accountability. They help you analyze each part of the vehicle and decide if it is to be recycled or sold. It is also possible to disassemble each part. Use additional parts from the inventory to create a complete Scrapyard Tycoon Mod

The scrap yard currently under your control has been converted into a citywide parking lot. Scrapyard Tycoon Mod opens a scrap yard, from zero. Players follow the way the scrap yard works and upgrade it to a parking lot. Cars are classified and used according to their own process. It has opened up many ways to upgrade for-profit and expand the factory. It has increased in number and is no longer congested as before. Products recycled from old cars after being sold on the market are very popular. The scrap yard is now the largest parking lot in the city. It is all thanks to the hands and the talented design mind.

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