Shadow Battle MOD 3.24.302 (Menu, God mode, Unlocked all characters, Unlimited money, Full gems, Vip, No cooldown)

By MinhDuc - New update 12/04/2024
Shadow Battle MOD {{version}} (Menu, God mode, Unlocked all characters, Unlimited money, Full gems, Vip, No cooldown)
Name Shadow Battle: Ninja Game RPG
Version v3.24.302
Size 138MB
MOD Features Menu, God mode, Unlocked all characters, Unlimited money, full gems, vip, Max Level, No cooldown
Support Android 5.0
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Fansipan


Shadow Battle: Ninja Game RPG is a martial arts action game with extreme sword fights. Still role-playing gameplay combined with challenging adventures with death. You will be immersed in a world of endless darkness. Where there are ghosts and monsters always ready to attack you. You will transform into a dark knight and be given the most powerful weapons. And carry a responsibility to save the planet Harmonia. A world that is very beautiful, poetic and full of happiness. The common home of races such as: Human, Undead, Orc, Spirit, Dwarf, Beast man, Elf… But it was unfortunate for Harmonia when it was invaded by the dark forces.

Download Shadow Battle Mod – Become a dark knight decisively fighting death

Shadow Battle: Ninja Game RPG is released in 2 different versions. In the version for children 12 years and older, it was unpopular. Because of the sword fighting and moderate violence, it was not really attractive. In this version was really attractive to gamers. Because of the thrilling cutting and slashing scenes, the fight scenes are full of violence and attraction. Same fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay as Shadow Fight, Shadow of Death or Stickman Legends. Your mission is to fight and destroy the dark demons like zombies, ghosts and monsters. Controlling your knight is quite simple. By combining movement and skill use, you can perform powerful and extremely beautiful combos.

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3 exciting game modes

You will be transformed into a dark knight. Fight the evil and save the planet Harmonia. Bring life to that beautiful planet. This is the plot and also the development direction for the main gameplay of the game. In addition, Shadow Battle Mod also has 2 other game modes for you to unleash your adventure. That is the extremely attractive Passing mode and Survival mode. The requirement of the game is that you must reach level 15 to unlock the whole mode. In Pass mode, there are challenges with 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Nightmare. The game will evaluate your excellent performance by scoring 1, 2 or 3 stars. Try to get 3 stars in each level to get more gold and gem bonuses. They are very useful in upgrading the strength of your warriors. Survival Mode is where you show off your fighting skills. Always be on the lookout for cunning and extremely cold-blooded monsters. They are always ready to attack with a single goal of finishing you.

Shadow Knight Mod APK

Another mode is the Arena, where you climb the rankings of the game’s rankings. You will be randomly paired with another player to challenge. If you win, you will receive rewards along with promotion on the TOP server. On the contrary, failure is that you will be downgraded, this is something we all do not want.

Character selection and upgrades

Starting the game Shadow Battle: Ninja Game RPG, you will be able to choose 1 of 4 warrior class. Characters with unique skill sets and gameplay are full of fun. The first is Noah: a melee warrior with shiny swords. The second is Ashley: Shadow warrior with a very powerful long-range damage weapon. Next is Lucius: a Shadow assassin with the ability to assassinate with hidden weapons. Finally, Hector: an incredibly powerful shadow warrior. With his extraordinary strength, Hector attacks his opponent with only 2 fists. To improve the strength of the character to overpower the opponent. Version hack also integrates a skill set upgrade mechanism. You can upgrade your combat skills to increase the level similar to the character level.

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Rare items in the game

To increase the difficulty and variety in gameplay of Shadow Battle Mod. Equipment such as weapons and armor is also divided into 6 types of qualities. They have different colors and powers, and the ways to get them are also different. The white item is a normal quality. This type has the most basic power and is easy to possess. Green is rare, blue is excellent, purple is unique. Even higher are the legendary yellow and caveman orange. The more rare it is, the harder it is to get it, or it will cost you a lot of money and gems. But in return they have great power that any warrior wants to have.

Free Download Shadow Knight Mod APK

Shadow Battle: Ninja Game RPG gives you the ultimate feeling. Countless exciting levels with thrilling battles with ferocious dark monsters. Along with the battle screen with beautiful skill effects. If you are a lover of action and martial arts games. Download now to experience the attractive elements that this game brings.

Good features in the Shadow Battle Mod

  • Extreme Game Feeling: Experience an action role-playing game with extreme hacks and slashes in the context of a dark fantasy world.
  • Adventure Fantasy Story: You will be immersed in endless fantasy shadow battles. Ready to adventure through the city, jungle, dungeon,…
  • Equip in Style: Collect the most powerful weapons and gear from hundreds of items, then completely customize your Shadow Knight to stand out even more.
  • Complete Missions and Get Rewards: Lots of quests to complete, do them all to get as many rewards as you can.
  • Easy Upgrades: When you’re not online, your knights are still training and gathering resources to upgrade. When you come back, they will get stronger, gain new levels as well as learn new skills.
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