Shadow Fight 3 MOD 1.37.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Max Level, OneHit, Full Damage, Attack Range, Stupid Bot)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
Shadow Fight 3 MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Max Level, OneHit, Full Damage, Attack Range, Stupid Bot)
Name Shadow Fight 3
Version v1.37.2
Size 112MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Max Level, OneHit, Full Damage, Attack Range, Stupid Bot
Support Internet, Android 4.1+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Nekki


Shadow Fight 3 is the successor version of the most classic fighting game – Shadow Fight. Continue the story of the Shadow Fight Universe with new characters in 3D. Produced by game company Nekki, game was first released in Canada and then worldwide in 2017. Still a fighting game / RPG, the feature that has become a trademark of the game developer from Japan. But the plot has been developed very rich and new. So, Shadow Fight 3 is the expected makeover of gamers.

You guys were a bit bored with the mysterious black shadow. Now, our main character has a realistic shape, built on beautiful 3D technology. Thanks to that, for the first time in this series of games of Nekki, there is a feature to edit character details. Like your character’s name, gender, face, hairstyle and their color… Or more importantly, Shadow Fight 3 is an online game and requires a stable internet connection. No longer an Offline game like the previous Shadow Fight 2 man.

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In this RPG fighting game, you will take on the role of a hero whose fate is unknown. It’s all your choice: Ninja, knight or samurai? Only you can choose your champion, freely choose how to fight in your own style. Unleash your creativity every time you face off against anyone. Win unique skins in superhero battles. And customize your gear colors to create a special look.

Download game Shadow Fight 3

Set up the character according to your own personality

Unlike the previous version, the main character in Shadow Fight 3 is no longer a mysterious 2D shadow. Because according to the plot, the hero has regained his form with full color in vivid 3D space. Allows you to customize your character to the style you want. You can choose 1 of 8 different faces with different emotional shades. 5 hairstyles for male characters, 5 hairstyles for female characters. Corresponding to each hairstyle, there are also up to 8 colors for you to choose from. Completing the gender option is that you can choose costumes and weapons. And the ultimate skills to join the superhero battle.

Create your own fighting style

Shadow Fight 3 gives you 3 unique fighting style options. By collecting new skills, weapons and equipment. Combine them in your own way to defeat your opponents. Explore the fighting styles of each faction to create your own. Your general can fight like a skillful Ninja or a mighty knight. Develop a character that represents your unique personality.

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New game modes

Shadow Fight 3 with many different game mode options. For example Chapters, Events (when reaching level 4+). Duel, Duel, Quest, PVP (Coming Soon). The challenge in each game mode is not the same. And of course the reward you get when you win is worth the effort you put in. Due to the requirements of the game, there are certain items you must meet to play. In addition to the main missions, this game also allows players to participate in a number of side missions. Expanding on the plot to give players more information about the game world. You can also participate in duels in 1:1 mode. Compete with the strongest warriors to get high in the rankings. Try to rise to the TOP 100 and become a legend in your region

Game with familiar gameplay

Game Shadow Fight 3 still has an extremely dramatic but familiar role-playing game from Shadow Fight 2. You will press the button and use the joystick to launch various attack moves. With a very easy perspective for players to observe the enemy’s actions. We can judge and deliver the most critical hits to knock down the enemy. Our opponents are Ninja, knight or samurai. 3 factions with different advantages and disadvantages and fighting styles. You need to be agile, strong and unexpected, mysterious but extremely dangerous. Combining the use of smart weapons will help you have advantages to overcome the opponent

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Bringing a completely new image, players can experience Shadow Fight 3 with many new points. But the main gameplay remains the same, while developing many new interesting features. It can be said that, this game is one of the best fighting games of all time. Weapons, equipment, characters and dark energy… how’s everything going in Shadow Fight 3? Let’s go back to the mystical world and become a hero to save the universe from collapse.

The hottest point of Shadow Fight 3

  • Create the ultimate general: Ninja, knight or samurai. Only you can choose your champion. Win unique skins in battles and customize your gear colors to create a special look.
  • Win battles: Explore the fighting styles of each faction to create your own fighting style. Your general can fight like a skillful ninja or a mighty knight.
  • Show your fighting skills to win a place in the TOP-100 leaderboard.
  • Collect personal armory and armory to test in battles and look cool in duels.
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