Shadow of Death 2 MOD 2.16.0 (Unlimited Money, Immortal)

By MinhDuc - New update 10/05/2024
Shadow of Death 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Immortal)
Name Shadow of Death 2
Version v2.16.0
Size 200,9MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Immortal
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Bravestars Games


Shadow of Death 2 Mod is a fighting game that takes place in a fantasy shadow world. Fight against the army of monsters invading the city of Aurora. Play as a warrior named Maximus and destroy the hordes of cruel monsters that surround. An amnesiac but very brave knight, chosen by the gods and endowed with ancient powers. An action game genre developed by Bravestars Games. Continuation to the story of the first part Shadow of Death. Keeping the game mechanics of part 1, but there have been more innovations. Of course there is a new storyline, in addition to the ability to interact with characters. Updated new graphics, new battle system has made the game scene even more gloomy. More specifically, Shadow of Death 2 Mod has added attractive PvP combat capabilities. Game mode between people, allowing gamers to freely compete against each other.

Download Shadow of Death 2 Mod – Destroy shadow beasts

Want to join the fight against the forces of darkness? You want to be the hero to rescue and bring life to the kingdom of Aurora? Join the game Shadow of Death 2 Mod now, pick up the sword and destroy the evil ghosts! Help Aurora overcome the age of darkness and help King Luther XV correct his mistakes. Same as Hack Slash genre, Shadow of Death 2 Mod has an extremely fast fighting style and attack. The context and plot are also quite similar, so I immediately think of NEKKI’s Shadow Fight series. A role-playing game, fighting is also extremely attractive, you should try it

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Attractive gameplay

Play as a mighty knight Maximus with ancient powers bestowed by the gods. With a mission to destroy monsters to rescue the girl he loves. Along with that is a great responsibility of the country on his shoulders. Save the kingdom of Aurora from the apocalypse by youkai from the dark world. You control a warrior in the dark, fighting and killing every enemy that comes in your way. After killing all the monsters in the level, the final boss will appear. Through each stage is a different final boss and they have the ability to kill you with just one move. So you need to learn how to dodge attacks every time the enemy attacks. At the same time use the powerful sword to destroy them.

Exciting game mode

Shadow of Death 2 Mod has an extremely attractive adventure and role-playing gameplay. Just like the first version with two main game modes including: Adventure and Challenge. Adventure mode will take you on an adventure through each of the different levels, with the difficulty level of the game increasing gradually. Each gate will have different opponents and tasks for you to conquer. The next level will be twice as difficult as the previous one that you have passed. After completing the task at each level, you will receive experience points and bonuses. They help you level up, strength, health and defense points. Even more fortunate, you have the opportunity to receive more valuable equipment such as weapons, armor sets …

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Not stopping there, Adventure mode is also divided into 2 main maps, The Black Sea and The Great Swamp. In The Great Swamp map, there are many dangers that are always lurking for you. Anything that appears in the game can attack you. You have to be very wary of everything, even the birds flying in the air. Every time they turn red, they are ready to attack you. It’s a pity that Challenge mode hasn’t been released yet. Let’s wait for interesting things in the new maps in this mode in the upcoming updates.

Weapons in Shadow of Death 2 Mod

The more you win, the more you will face worthy opponents, powerful final bosses. So you need to equip armor and weapons with high damage for your character. You can buy them in the store with the bonus you get on previous wins. The set of armor and weapons in Shadow of Death 2 Mod is very diverse. With a variety of qualities such as Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary. And if your fate are lucky, you can get them while winning the levels. Try to equip Maximus with legendary swords. The armor of the strongest warriors to wipe out the enemy.

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Sound, Graphics

Shadow of Death 2 Mod has a graphic design using 2D technology along with the dominant black color gamut. Combine the dark story background full of ghosts and death. Bringing the feeling of authenticity, we feel like we are lost in the real world of darkness. As an offline game that does not need a network connection, it is built on gentle 2D technology. So the gaming experience is not laggy. Smooth movement with beautiful flying moves to cut opponents. The sound in the game is simulated very realistically with many different sounds. From the murky sounds of the dark night, or the rubbing of sharp weapons. All have brought the best feelings, the best emotions when playing the game

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