Shadow Wartime Mod APK 1.306 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 21/11/2023
Shadow Wartime Mod APK 1.306 (Unlimited Money)
Name Shadow Wartime
Version v1.306
Size 127MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers KODASK game


Shadow Wartime Mod is a shooting game designed in the form of 2.5D graphics. Built by developer KODASK game. Participating in the game, players will step into the battles between gangs. Fight to destroy each other to compete for resources, territory as well as influence. It takes place in the abandoned city called Shadov and its surrounding areas. Meanwhile, many problems arise. From the constant looting to the outsiders who also want to interfere to get some resources. The player will, too, become a mercenary. Challenge yourself with break-in missions. Or join a faction, making it possible for that faction to win over the opponent. From there try to earn a lot of money to become richer.

Download Shadow Wartime Mod – Try yourself in the role of a Mercenary Get Money and Work

Shadow Wartime Mod will give players the opportunity to prove their shooting skills. When the game was created with a lot of different tasks and requirements. Entering the player will have a character, here is a mercenary. Ready to fight, take part in the killing spree. Become a hunter, breaking into carefully guarded designated locations. With the goal of killing all enemies in mystery, blame the pulling of the jungle. As for the game, every task assigned to it works at night. So it was difficult to be able to see each other, as well as to bring out the true mercenary properties. Everything is quick and confidential. Don’t let their accomplices find out. Avoiding a situation where mistakes can be made, causing panic is very difficult to solve.Download Shadow Wartime Mod

Weapons, Combat Equipment

As an action game, Shadow Wartime Mod is designed with a huge arsenal of weapons. Which guns are most, divided into several types. The game can not only equip a single weapon but has up to two chances. In addition to the main gun, you can also bring an extra gun. Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages. Join the game and try them all to know better. In addition, equipment is also a very important part. Participating in the mission is extremely dangerous, possibly even life-threatening. Bulletproof vests will reduce damage from enemies. Hats, too, will limit the possibility of blood loss when attacked right. Or backpack, if the player wants to hold a lot of things, it is extremely important. The amount of ammo or accompanying items will be determined by this item.Shadow Wartime Mod

Auxiliary Items

Shadow Wartime Mod in addition to equipment, weapons are the main components that decide to win or lose. The game also has some additional accessories included. Although not too big, it also contributes a small part that can support the player while fighting. With the character, there is a headset part. Weapons are more, scopes with different distances. Handles and silencers can be mounted on guns to reduce recoil, stabilize when attacking, increasing efficiency. The magazine is the same, normally guns only have a certain amount. But when upgrading, the number of bullets that can be inserted can be more.Game Shadow Wartime Mod

Various Locations

Shadow Wartime Mod builds a very special battlefield. All are built with the environment being at night. Everything becomes blurred, affecting both the pawn and the player. But not only that, the game has a lot of battlefields. Created in many different locations. With each place that will be built infrastructure, everything is completely new. There will be new buildings, roads, houses, or obstacles. There will be almost no repetition to avoid the case of playing for too long in one place, causing a loss of interest. When participating in a new battle, the terrain is not only changed. For the other resources, the planer also follows that and is rearranged.Tai Shadow Wartime Mod

Shadow Wartime Mod requires a lot of money, mainly used for shopping. The game has a lot of weapons, so if you want to own them all, the amount of money needed is huge. Not to mention other types of equipment such as armor, helmets, headphones, etc. Or auxiliary items, which are not natural for players to use. All need money, based on the ability as well as the damage that can be caused, which should be priced. With the original version, I don’t know how long, or how much effort it takes to accumulate enough. But when using the mod, everything about money will no longer be so important. When players can get a huge amount of money right when entering the game.

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