Silent Castle MOD APK 1.4.15 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gems, Full Diamonds, Blood, Unlocked All)

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Silent Castle MOD APK 1.4.15 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gems, Full Diamonds, Blood, Unlocked All)
Name Silent Castle
Version 1.4.15
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gems, Full Diamonds, Blood, Unlocked All
Size 96MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher BEP1C STUDIO


Silent Castle MOD APK is an action game genre game. Combines role-playing elements, finding objects and building defenses. An extremely horror game with a lot of demonic elements developed by BEP1C STUDIO. Although warned, it is not suitable for children under 18 years of age and people sensitive to strong elements of excitement and fear. Because in the game there are scary images that can cause physical and mental discomfort. But perhaps this is also what has attracted the curiosity of many gamers. Because this game was just released 3/2022 but so far it has over 5 million users. Now come with me to the dark castle.

Download Silent Castle Mod – Explore the challenges in the silent castle

Coming to game Silent Castle, you will become 1 of 6 players present at the castle. The task of all 6 people is to find a good night’s sleep in any room. And set up defenses based on the items you have to escape death. Because you can be an object that death is searching everywhere. Or a bloodthirsty demon searching every nook and cranny to capture the surviving souls in the castle. They will knock on every door with shrill sounds. Do not be foolish to open the door because the companions have all found a hiding place. The wise man is to close the door and use the tools to set up a solid battle against the Soul Reapers.

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Useful tools and equipment

We talk a lot about setting up defenses against Soul Reapers. So now, let’s find out what tools and equipment will be in Silent Castle Mod that will help to fight death. The game will provide special props and equipment. Includes removal shovel, cash tree, tomatoes, industrial fan… and more. Of course, I am not sure that all can be used for free. Maybe some equipment you need to have money to buy. Tomato with the ability to shoot arrows, this is quite a useful tool to ward off evil. You need to upgrade it as high as possible to increase the amount of damage dealt. When upgrading the tomato to the maximum level, it will transform into a discus machine. Only then can you be assured of your defense. But also don’t forget to install the defensive door. And constantly repair it when attacked to increase your survival rate.

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How to play Silent Castle Mod

Again, this game is not for the faint of heart. The gameplay of the game Silent Castle takes place in a sequence. With the challenge is to sleep well in the castle with 5 other players and become the last survivor. As soon as the game starts, we will have 30 seconds for each person to find a room for themselves. And set up defenses immediately. Note that do not enter the same room with other people.

The red countdown timer ends will be the gloomy space of the surrounding night. You have to lie still in bed and sleep, to generate gold coins and energy. That money helps you unlock the tomato, the high-powered fan and the defensive door. Just sleep well to have a lot of money and energy. Continue to upgrade the tomato to the discus machine. Constantly repair the defensive door so that you don’t lose your life. Just like that until dawn, you have overcome the challenge and won.

Game Silent Castle Mod

Notes in the game

There are many things you need to avoid when playing Silent Castle Mod. First, in the 30 second countdown, you need to find the bedroom. If you still in the hallway, it’s game over. The second is that there can’t be 2 people in the same room, whoever goes to bed first is the owner. The other person must immediately leave the room and find another room. Unable to leave the room, you only have to exit and play again. Next is not to go to people’s rooms when the lights are turned off. And also don’t take anything there, you will pay for this action.

Especially, there will be many mysterious areas, or leave quickly instead of being curious and learning it. It is also forbidden to take videos and take pictures, which will prevent you from entering the castle. The only way to accumulate gold coins is to go to bed right after entering the room. If a Soul Reaper hits your door, press the button to repair it now. And don’t get out of bed, and don’t leave your room no matter what.

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Silent Castle Mod will have 2 game modes to create a variety of experiences. You can choose to be a survivor or a god of death chasing souls. For survival mode, you will have to search 1 bedroom and fend off the onslaught of the devil. On the contrary, you will possess the scythe of death, seeking and destroying the defenses of the survivors. Catch them and you win. Each mode will bring a different interesting experience. A lot of powerful props and equipment will assist you during the game. And lots of prizes for the winners are waiting for you.

Download Silent Castle MOD APK 1.4.15 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gems, Full Diamonds, Blood, Unlocked All) 2023

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