Download Silent Caslte: Survive MOD 1.4.15 (Menu, Unlimited money and gems) Free

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Silent Caslte: Survive MOD 1.4.15 (Menu, Unlimited money and gems)
Name Silent Caslte: Survive
Version v1.4.15
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and gems
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers BEP1C STUDIO


Silent Castle: Survive is a product of BEP1C STUDIO, not just a simple action game. It is an enchanting journey, incorporating role-playing elements. Game of finding objects and building defense strategies. Designed with fear in mind, this game is not for gamers with sensitive souls. Many demonic elements are presented in a scary way. Can affect the player’s mind and spirit.

However, the attraction of the game cannot be denied. With its launch only since March 2022, the game has attracted more than 5 million players. Behind the horror scenes is the constant curiosity of the gaming community. Get ready to face scary challenges. Let’s join GenZVNmod in the world of the immortal Silent Caslte: Survive Mod. And discover the dark mysteries that await us.

Download Silent Castle: Survive Mod APK – Explore the challenges in the silent castle game

When you enter the world of “Silent Castle,” you will play the role of one of six survivors. Facing a challenge that cannot be small at all. It’s about finding a peaceful sleep in a mysterious room in the castle. And build a strong defense system from available items to fight the threat of death.

In this castle, you can become a target of death. Danger is lurking and hiding in every hidden corner, or even an evil demon. Waiting for the opportunity to hunt down the remaining souls. A shrill sound rang out as they knocked on each room’s door. Creating an indescribably tense atmosphere.

In this battle for survival, intelligence and caution are key. Keep your doors closed, use every tool and strategy to create a strong line of defense. Be ready to fight off the attacks of the menacing “Soul Reapers”.

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Useful tools and equipment

In the full-money Mod Silent Caslte: Survive game, there are a variety of tools and equipment provided to help you fight the attack of “Soul Reaper.” However, not all of them are free. And maybe you will need to spend some money to upgrade and own them. Here are some examples:

  1. Removal Shovel: Used to build and dismantle defensive structures in the castle.
  2. Cash Tree: Can be used to purchase equipment and upgrades.
  3. Tomato: A useful tool that can shoot arrows to repel demons. Upgrade it to the highest level to increase attack power.
  4. Industrial Fans: Can be used to create cooling stations or create air currents to beat cold or slow down demons.
  5. Frisbee Shooter: When the tomato is upgraded to its maximum level. It will turn into a powerful dice shooter, enhancing defense power.

In addition, the installation and maintenance of defensive doors is also an important part of the strategy. Make sure you are ready to repair them after each attack. To increase your chances of survival in the game.

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How to play Silent Caslte: Survive game

That’s right, the Silent Caslte: Survive Mod Diamond is not for the faint of heart. This game takes players into a tense battle for survival. With the goal of winning before the gloomy night ends.

At the start of the game, each player will be given 30 seconds. To choose a room and start setting up defenses. Most importantly, do not choose the same room as other players to avoid being suddenly attacked.

When the red countdown timer begins, the gloom of night will envelop the castle. You need to lie still in bed and sleep to earn money and energy. This money will help you unlock equipment. Like tomatoes, industrial fans and defensive doors. Try to sleep a lot to accumulate a lot of money and energy. Upgrade the tomato to a frisbee shooter to increase your defense. And always repair the door to avoid losing your life.

Only the rise of dawn marks the end of the challenge and victory belongs to the last survivor. Prepare yourself and be ready to face all challenges in Silent Castle: Survive Mod.

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Notes in the game

In Silent Castle Mod with unlimited money, there are some things to avoid to increase your chances of survival and victory:

  1. Can’t find a bedroom in the first 30 seconds:. If you’re still in the hallway when the countdown ends, it’s game over.
  2. There cannot be two people in the same room:. Whoever gets into bed first will be the owner of that room. The other person must leave the room and find another room. If you can’t leave the room, you can just exit and play again.
  3. Don’t go into other people’s rooms when the lights are off: This can be a sign of danger. If you take anything there, you will have to face the consequences.
  4. Avoid mysterious areas: Instead of being curious, leave that area quickly to avoid encountering danger.
  5. Taking videos and taking photos is prohibited: This action may prevent you from entering the castle. Focus on surviving and winning.
  6. Go to bed immediately after entering the room: This is the only way to accumulate gold coins. If your room is attacked, repair the door immediately.
  7. Do not leave your bed or room:. No matter what happens, stay in your room to increase your chances of survival.

Following these principles will help you increase your chances of surviving and winning in “Silent Caslte: Survive”.

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2 immersive game modes

In Silent Castle: Survive Mod, there are two different game modes that create diversity in experience:

  1. Survivor Mode: In this mode, you will play as one of the survivors. Trying to find a safe bedroom and fend off demonic attacks. Your mission is to survive the night and avoid being captured by the grim reaper. Intelligence and ingenuity in using props and equipment are the keys to survival.
  2. Death Mode: On the contrary, in this mode, you will play the role of death. Go after and destroy the survivors’ defense systems. Your mission is to capture all survivors before dawn. Your flexibility and hunting ability will determine victory.

Both modes offer fun and challenging experiences. You will be equipped with many powerful props and equipment to assist in the gameplay. As well as receive many attractive rewards when winning. Choose the mode that suits your playing style. And prepare for a dramatic adventure in Silent Caslte: Survive Mod Menu.

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