SimCity BuildIt MOD (Unlimited money, keys, level 32)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/05/2024
SimCity BuildIt MOD {{version}} (Unlimited money, keys, level 32)
Name SimCity BuildIt
Version v1.55.1.125260
Size 148MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, keys, level 32
Support Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Price Free


SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game to build your own city. This game genre is not too strange to the gaming community. Appearing with a fairly long life, now it is always loved by a large number of players. Start with the little things in your mini city. Build all the social works from residential areas, restaurants, schools, hospitals…. A lot of things for you to worry about to be able to develop into the most beautiful and livable city. . Simulate things that are familiar to real life. This is definitely a stress reliever entertainment game that you cannot miss.

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD – Build Your Own Dream City

SimCity BuildIt is a game that you will be able to join completely free. A smooth game that does not take up too much space and is suitable for most phone devices. Immerse yourself in building everything from scratch in the city. Earn benefits from opening a business store and use that coin cyclically. Always build new social works and invest for more profit. Make your city the most comfortable and livable. To be able to attract more people to live and develop more. To be able to bring your city to the top is not a day 1 or 2 job. Patience as well as slowness will make your experience more enjoyable.

Tai SimCity BuildIt Mod

City Building Journey

SimCity BuildIt is a city simulation game where you can zoom and move things. When you start participating in the game, you will receive a plot of land with the most basic things of a city. It is inevitable to start with a business that can bring you profits. Because that will be the main source of income for you to achieve a certain amount of money. To be able to process more social projects. When there is an abundant amount of money, do not forget to build places for people to have fun. Arrange and arrange the buildings as logically as possible. To be able to optimize the area of ​​the land you are using. You can also expand your city by cutting down entangled crops. But it will require rare resources that you need to work hard to get.

Download SimCity BuildIt Mod

Exciting In-Game Features

SimCity BuildIt Mod is a game that brings a high interactivity towards other players. There’s nothing better than being able to visit your loved one’s house every day. Let’s grow together to create the most beautiful cities. All buildings are interactive with each other in your city. For example, if your city is too big, it will inevitably need more houses. Many projects use electrical equipment, you need to build more stations. Everything is very realistic to real life. You will feel like you are becoming the leader of a real city. Equally important is the placement of the buildings. Houses with different areas and designs are something you will need to consider to put them in the most optimal location.

Game SimCity BuildIt Mod

In-Game Graphics

SimCity BuildIt owns in it a set of colorful 3D graphics of life. Designed with high detail to make you more amazing experiences. You will feel that everything in the game is made with a very sharp description. From tall buildings to the smallest people. The view of the sky is also changed according to our real-life time zone. The bright and dark sky in real life will also be the same as in the game. Bringing you more realism than ever before for your own city.

SimCity BuildIt Mod

You will own extremely interesting and useful features for your city when participating in SimCity BuildIt Mod version. You will reach level 10 and the number of keys is unlimited when you first join the game. This amount of keys will help you unlock interesting features in the game. In addition, unlimited money is also what all players want. To be able to shop all the most expensive things for your city. No need to struggle too much in business and save money. You can own it all with complete ease.

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