Skip School Mod APK 3.6.3 (No Ads)

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Skip School Mod APK 3.6.3 (No Ads)
Name Skip school
Version v3.6.3
Size 85MB
MOD Features No Ads
Support Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Eureka Studio


Skip School Mod is set in a school. The game will offer destructive tasks, truancy, … for you to perform and complete. There are many different challenges for you to explore. Combine puzzle elements with school activities. It is running away from the teacher to escape the lessons. The gameplay is quite simple, you will receive the necessary items for the mission. Find a way to use them to escape the pursuit of the teachers in the school. This makes it clear that this is an incredibly fun game. With some novel features used to give you the best game experience. The system provides a lot of different types of items. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually with each level. The game is very simple, but it requires your brain. What are you waiting for without skipping the game Skip School Mod on the website to challenge your brain? See how many levels and challenges you can overcome.

Download Skip school Mod – Run away from the teacher’s pursuit

Skip School Mod was developed based on a story of school age. Set in a school. The game revolves around the running and breaking activities of the student character. Along with the appearance of a teacher who is always chasing the disruptive student. The teacher always put aside all busy work to catch the student. Every day there will be an activity taking place at school, and the teachers will go to check the student’s learning activities. Always find a way to check their hard work. At the same time, the students always find ways to escape class to go out or destroy the school. This cannot continue in schools. The superintendent had begun to apply deterrent punishments to frighten the students. But no, they always find a way to avoid school.

Skip School Mod

Complete the quest through each challenge

The mission system in Skip School Mod is developed according to each level. The difficulty of each level will increase gradually corresponding to your level. Become a bad student in school. You have to find a way to avoid school and escape the pursuit of the teacher. Through puzzles, and activities to be able to escape. Successfully trudging and escaping from the teacher you will complete the challenge.

Skip School Mod

From there, you will complete the mission and get the reward. Next, you will be able to move to the next level. The difficulty in Skip School Mod will increase gradually after each level. Each game screen will be different, so you will have to perform different ways of skipping school. If you are caught by the warden, you have failed to escape. You have to replay this level until it’s done.

Use support items to easily escape from the warden

In Skip School Mod when skipping school, you have to find the necessary items. Depending on the task and situation use the item in the most optimal way. In each different location, you will find items that you can use. Conceal or disguise yourself as someone else to deceive the eye. Escape from the teacher’s pursuit easily. However, do not be so subjective. Because even the slightest noise you make will get the teacher’s attention. So be careful in every step.

tai Skip school Mod

For example, find a banana peel to throw away during the run so that the warden stumbles. Or you can bring a bucket of water to become a janitor. Use ropes tied to the poles of the hallway upstairs to row down. Or use a crate to hide in so the proctor can’t find out you’re hiding there. All these things are only available in Skip School Mod.

Use your brain to complete the level

Each item in Skip School Mod will have its own use, so think about it and apply it to each situation. Take action to escape the pursuit of the teacher. You will then complete the challenge. Starting the first level, the superintendent caught you skipping school to read a story. Your mission is to run away and hide behind the statue in the school. Continue to the next level with increased difficulty. You have to use sports jerseys to hide in the school crowd.

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Complete the challenges in the game in turn. It requires your intelligence to solve puzzles in the fastest way. Through each challenge, the difficulty will increase gradually. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the most accurate answer. Because the puzzle is too hard to complete. Despite having carefully observed the area. As well as using the collected items to escape. However, it was still discovered by the teacher. So you will have to use the suggestions of Skip School Mod to be able to complete the task

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