Mod 2.3.2 (Menu, Movement Speed)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/03/2024 Mod {{version}} (Menu, Movement Speed)
Version v2.3.2
Size 42MB
MOD Features Menu, Movement Speed
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Tall Team


If you need a lovely funny game that is highly entertaining. Mod will help you with that created and developed by the Tall Team team. With the desire to bring moments of relaxation, but fun times to players. After a long, tiring day of work. Bring engaging driving gameplay, but don’t rely on speed to compete. But here when participating, players will have for themselves a car in the style of F1. Participate in competitive matches with other players. Take the opponent’s kill point as the goal, until the end of the match within the allotted time. See who scores the most points to win. In addition, players can also see how far they can control their car when they defeat all opponents.

Download Mod – Fun Driving Combat

What could be better than unleashing your passion for racing and being able to relieve stress? Participate in survival matches, which are battles between players. Mod brings a new experience when combining racing and action genres. Fighting with each other through the vehicle is the car Karts as an intermediary. When bringing about eight players into a specific location and will have to face each other. And will find a winner, when reaching the value of killing the most opponents. By picking up items that appear on the battlefield in the form of cubes with question marks. From there will be possessed with different abilities. It is possible that the defense helps to avoid the attacks, to protect themselves. Or if you are lucky, you will find a weapon to attack the enemy. Show your driving skills to aim them and shoot.Tai Mod

Characters And Skins

An interesting point of Mod is the character. Behind the wheel of cars are not people. It’s cute animals or fast foods like hamburgers. In general, do not stop at anything or anything. Everything is designed by the publisher as stuffed collectibles. Brings interesting experiences when everything is built uniquely. Both cute and funny, it is really impossible to ignore the experience of the game. There is also a system of skins. It can be items or paint colors created to change the appearance of the Karts car. Bringing new colors, making any player even if they play for a long time, will not feel Mod

Special Items

In Mod special items are considered decisive factors for the outcome of the victory. Designed as six-sided cubes with a pattern of bright white question marks. No one can tell what’s inside. Only when entering can you see, can bring a weapon. Can attack, dealing damage to opponents. When adjusting the steering so that the front of the vehicle is facing the target. Or simply with a shield for defense, which will be activated when attacked. And of course, there are many more things, or quickly download and experience the game. There will be many things, many items waiting to be discovered.Download Mod

Game online Mod is an online game, so if you want to experience the player need to be connected to the network. Although it is a bit cumbersome, it is guaranteed for players to be able to use this great feature. In order to have more friends or forgotten people to experience together. Invincible into a battle to compete with each other. Increase interactivity, and bring interesting entertainment when trying with real people. As well as see what your own abilities are. While driving the car, find a way to destroy the opponent. Let yourself be the cleanest survivor, let everyone know who is the real strong.Game Mod Mod has a racing part, as well as gameplay that requires good steering. Just hope to dodge the opponent’s attack and counterattack in order to defeat most opponents. So what’s better than when the mod has a movement speed increase feature. Just like increasing survivability, it is difficult for the opponent to grasp the position to attack. And players will also get to the best shooting location to be able to defeat the opponents. Increase the win rate to a high level, ensuring victory is at hand.

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