Solo Survivor IO Game MOD (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Unlocked)

By MinhDuc - New update 13/04/2024
Solo Survivor IO Game MOD {{version}} (Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Unlocked)
Name Solo Survivor IO Game
Version v1.
Size 105MB
MOD Features Menu, Damage, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Unlocked
Support Android 6.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Legendary Labs


Solo Survivor IO Game will turn you into the most powerful hero. With the ultimate weapon in hand, you will adventure in a fantasy world. That world is a place of darkness, where monsters and vampires reign. Requires you to constantly improve your strength, upgrade weapons and fighting skills. In front of hundreds of thousands of monsters surrounding you, you will have to survive until the last moment. Constantly rush forward, destroy all enemies with all the abilities you have. Try to create powerful combos, with the highest damage. Because the opponent is cold-blooded and they will never compromise.

Download Solo Survivor IO Game Mod – Survive in the battle with monsters and vampires

Solo Survivor IO Game has only been released for more than a month (September 18, 2023) and has already caused a fever in the gaming community. When I wrote this review, it had only been released for 18 days. But there have been more than 100,000 players hunting for it, proving the great appeal of the game. You should also try to experience this top IO survival game. To reach an unexplored kingdom, embark on a thrilling journey in that world. Face waves of monsters, and challenges never before revealed. Show your bravery in the most difficult challenges. With a variety of rare weapons and unique moves. But you will always be alone in that world, and you will only fight alone.

Download Solo Survivor IO Game MOD

Choose your character

Every game must have a main character, Solo Survivor IO Game Mod also allows you to choose a hero with his own strengths. Basically, there will be 4 sects for you to choose from, with their own unique gameplay and abilities. It’s a strong knight, a mysterious magician, a hundred-hit archer or a dark ninja. For example, you choose the power system of a noble knight. The weapons you use will be swords, spears, spears, or spiked maces. If you choose a mage character, the power system is magic. Then in your hand will be the ultimate scepter, with a source of mystical power.

How a match will take place

The battle for survival in Solo Survivor IO Game also has many different stages. The first stage will be little monsters, they are not too scary. When you clear this wave, another wave will come. They are strange monsters, soulless zombies or bloodthirsty vampires. The monsters that come later will gradually grow larger and stronger than before. The special thing is that the number of monsters is increasing, they aggressively chase you. This is also a pretty big obstacle for gamers. When there are a large number of vampires surrounding you, it will make you confused and scared.

Tải Solo Survivor IO Game MOD

And yet, the thing that will make you lose faith even more is the appearance of the last beam. With strength superior to the group of small monsters before. Stronger in terms of attack, its health, attack speed and movement. Your endurance against attacks is also not ordinary. The ability to attack is powerful and the damage caused is quite large. Within a limited range of movement, requiring you to be extremely flexible when confronting the boss. Use all skills wisely, avoiding maximum damage received. And make the most of possible opportunities to counterattack until the boss is exhausted. The boss’s health is reduced to 0, meaning you have won this level.

Upgrade your weapons

Choosing weapons and upgrading them to the maximum level is something we must care about. In Solo Survivor IO Game, you can easily collect different types of weapons. But then, you have to spend time collecting more items during the match. To upgrade the power of your equipment. Specifically, we will have to collect a sufficient quantity of 3 weapons of the same type and level. To train it to become a weapon of the same type, but with a higher level. The damage caused will be greater than before. That will help you become a strong warrior, it will be difficult for monsters to stop your progress.

Game Solo Survivor IO Game MOD

Oh but wait, if you download the Solo Survivor IO Game Mod version here. So the upgrade is not so urgent. With modified features such as unlimited gems MOD, you can buy countless weapons of the same type to upgrade. Or the MOD feature increases damage, so if you hold a weapon that is level 1, it is already level 10. Or MOD immortality is when you get hit by a monster’s attack without losing blood. You will be more confident when launching your moves.

MOD feature of Solo Survivor IO Game

Below are the features that are often developed and frequently requested by gamers. However, depending on the version, it may all be available. Or there are only a few features integrated in that version. To know what is MOD in the latest version. You will have to read more in the “MOD INFORMATION” section on the download page.

Hack Solo Survivor IO Game MOD

  • Menu MOD
  • High damage
  • God mode (immortality)
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited money

Are you ready to face difficulties and challenges? To become the last survivor in Solo Survivor IO Game Mod? Hold the sword in your hand and create rotations around yourself. Destroy hordes of demons and vampires. Conquer everything and master that world, making it as beautiful as our earth.

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