Sonic Forces Mod 4.25.1 (Menu/Speed, God Mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 11/03/2024
Sonic Forces Mod 4.25.1 (Menu/Speed, God Mode)
Name Sonic Forces
Version v4.25.1
Size 168MB
MOD Features Menu/Speed, God Mode
Support Android 4.4
Category Adventure
Price Free
Developers SEGA


If you had an intense childhood, you all know the legendary animated movie Sonic The Hedgehog. Inspired by that, publisher SEGA has brought us the game Sonic Forces – Running Battle. With adventure gameplay running non-stop brings a new feeling to gamers. Currently the game has been released on 2 basic platforms, iOS and Android. Make it easy for players to access and experience completely for free. Let’s download Sonic Forces and join the bloody races

Download Sonic Forces Mod – Unlimited racing with super hero Sonic

Entering the Sonic Forces, you will enter endless races. Your task is to control your hedgehog to compete, collect gold coins and reach the finish line to win. The way to control your character is extremely simple. You just need to use your finger and swipe left and right to navigate away. And our character is always running forward. However, in the race that is maintaining high speed, you will encounter many difficult challenges. Get through them all and win. Choose the right character by learning about each character before owning

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Control characters and collect weapons

With a maximum number of only 4 characters per race. So in Sonic Forces Mod game, once you start you can’t stop. Here, you have to control your character to overcome all the obstacles on the way. By moving the character left or right to dodge obstacles and collect gold rings. In addition to collecting gold rings, you also need to collect weapons on the track such as thunder, fireballs, mines and even tornadoes. More than simply running, there will always be troublemakers standing in your way. Use your collected weapons to attack them. Use the weapons in a harmonious way to maximize their effectiveness.

This endless running gameplay is similar to the legendary games: Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers. Or the elder Sonic Dash released by SEGA himself in 2013. These are all Endless Running style games with unlimited racing, you can try !

Game Sonic Forces Mod APK

Diverse character system

There is not only 1 SONIC hedgehog, but in the game Sonic Forces, there will be a very diverse character system. The names can be mentioned as Omega, Vector, … Each character will have different characteristics, shapes and colors. When running on the track, there will be gold rings, remember to collect them. Gold rings will help you unlock characters, even upgrade characters to become stronger. Also you can get bonuses and experience after completing assigned tasks. Be a great athlete, pass every race and get on the leaderboard.

New game mode

To increase the fun and drama for players. The publisher has launched an extremely attractive PvP game mode. You can compete online with other players. Then you will feel racing to a new level. It was a very intense and intense race. Now is the time to show off your mobility skills, your mastery of the terrain. Be confident and show your bravery before your opponent. Try to stay far behind the opponent, boldly march towards the finish line.

Sonic Forces has a ranking of the characters with the highest scores. Would you like your name to be registered there? Let’s overcome all opponents, get the highest score so that your name will have 1 place in the rankings. It’s admirable, isn’t it? Besides, you also get a lot of valuable rewards if you win

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Graphics and sound in Sonic Forces Mod

Game Sonic Forces is designed in a bright style with many different colors. Built on sharp 3D graphics technology. The characters in the game are portrayed by the manufacturer meticulously to every detail. Players can see the investment and careful preparation of SEGA. The fierce, realistic running effect has created a realistic feeling for the player. Besides, there are funny sounds that contribute to creating excitement for you when participating in the game

When downloading the Sonic Forces version, players will experience the fast speed feature. No more worrying about running out of gold to upgrade or buy characters. Now you are free to do what you like. The game is entertaining to help players have relaxing moments when participating. Download Sonic Forces to experience dramatic races with Sonic the hedgehog. Beat the challenges of the game and put your name on the leaderboard.

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