Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod APK 2.9.42 (High Reward, No QC) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 10/01/2024
Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod APK 2.9.42 (High Reward, No QC)
Name Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter
Version v2.9.42
Size 100MB
MOD Features High Rewards, No QC
Support Android 5.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers OK Games


Publisher OK Games was inspired by the classic chicken shooting game once. Bringing to players the game Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod. Take players to a great war with aliens. In the game, you have the task of controlling spaceships and fighting space enemies. There are hundreds of levels with increasingly crowded and powerful enemies. So the game will make you go from one thrill to another. Show bravery and wise strategy to destroy the alien spaceship. With the victory, will receive some useful items to unlock the ship a new universe, and improve the army. Rank up to put your name on the leaderboard.

Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod – The War Against Alien Invasion

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod brings quite an attractive storyline. In the future, humanity will face an unprecedented attack by aliens. They come from the depths of space and carry huge, modern ships. In that situation, you are an experienced pilot entrusted with a mission to save humanity. Choose a powerful spaceship and plunge into space where alien enemies are harassing you. The mission is to defeat them and complete the peaceful mission. The earth will become a new colony of galactic invaders if you fail. So be brave and fight for your life in the Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter Mod

Join the fiery battle

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod journey begins, by going through hundreds of continuous battles with enemies. From weak bosses to big bosses. Must steer your spaceship wisely to avoid damage from enemies and respond by knocking them down. Attacking and defeating the enemy is the key to the battle. Enemies will come with a large legion with a constant frequency or scattered depending on the level. The higher the level, the more and stronger the number of enemies. But they bring a lot of loot. Defeat them and you will receive worthy rewards. In addition, it is possible to go far in the campaign against the enemies in the galaxy. And you will enjoy the battles that get hotter and hotter over time.tai Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter Mod

Different levels

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod’s campaign includes 3 levels easy, normal, and hard. If you choose the difficulty level, the challenge for you is also the hardest. But it also means that the big rewards also increase. This bonus includes gems, gold coins, and more. They are a useful currency that can be used to unlock and upgrade your warships. In addition to the modes, you will find many missions and lucky spins. Don’t miss them to earn more gold coins, and gems and gain battle experience. With more power and more experience, it is possible to survive longer.

Unlock and upgrade spaceships

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod provides many interesting things for players to explore in the store. There is usually a collection of modern spacecraft and drones. Each type of warship has its own abilities and controls. To unlock more warships to enrich the collection… You will also lead them to the galactic battlefield and test their power. Don’t forget to upgrade weapons and lasers, unlock skills, and level up to gain an advantage over your enemies. In addition to ships, the game also offers a wide range of equipment, power-ups, and items. Explore them all and become the legendary cosmic Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter Mod

Realistic and unique pictures

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod is different from other games of the same type. It offers a meticulous design in terms of graphics. Since it is a newly released game, it has the best feature in the mobile game genre. The background is decorated with stars and giant spaceships. The battleships look very modern and have great skill effects. The explosions are also very epic, creating the heat of an intergalactic war. In addition, the ship’s appearance is becoming more and more perfect and explosive over time.Space Invaders Galaxy Shooter Mod

So if you are a space shooter lover. Then you should not miss Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter Mod. Is the best option on the market now. Fight against space invaders. Smooth spaceship control to defeat all space enemies. Many attractive rewards are waiting for you. What are you waiting for, come and explore with us right away?

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