Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod 1.795 (Unlimited Money/Resources/VIP, Onehit, Immortal)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/05/2024
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money/Resources/VIP, Onehit, Immortal)
Name Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
Version v1.795
Size 260MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money/Resources/VIP, Onehit, Immortal
Support Android 4.4
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers ONESOFT


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is an entertaining game developed by ONESOFT. Takes us to the outer space wars. The enemies we face are invading armies from space. They have a large, powerful and extremely vicious army. With the ambition to invade our beautiful galaxy, where the earth exists. So they come here with the most advanced weapons, in order to occupy the galaxy as soon as possible. You play as a hero with the responsibility to protect the earth. Set up a fleet of battleships with the most powerful weapons possible. Let’s get on board the spaceship and protect the beautiful earth.

Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Mod – Drive a spaceship to fight against invaders from space

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is inspired by space fiction movies. And develop gameplay based on archetypes from legendary games: fly shooting, chicken shooting before. But due to late birth, it was developed by the famous game maker ONESOFT. So Space Shooter has good graphics, the image of the alien spaceship is quite fancy and attractive. Bringing new and more modern colors, since its launch, the game has been noticed and well received by the gaming community. The gameplay is quite simple, easy to get used to many ages. Just tap your finger on the screen to control. Move left, right, up, down to attack enemies or receive dropped items.

Download Space Shooter Galaxy Attack Mod

Boss is extremely powerful

In the early game levels, the opponent is small soldiers and quite weak. You will easily destroy them with just 1 bullet. Up to higher levels, you will face a powerful monster system. Not only are they larger in size, they are larger in number. They are also quite monstrous in the way they appear as well as the way they attack you. Next is the final boss in game Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. Those are space monsters that you will probably never see. It is half the size of your mobile screen. Has a huge amount of health and armor. You will have to hit the target with a large number of bullets to destroy this boss.

And yet, you also have to be extremely skillful to dodge their bullets. With beam bullets, fan spread, diagonal or spiral flight, sometimes bullets fly all over the screen. Because this is the final boss, the difficulty level is max, it’s not that simple

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Upgrade fighter

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is also loved by the variety of aircraft options. It is considered to be beautiful and diverse in designs and colors. They also vary in attack power through the number of stars of each fighter. If you want a powerful fighter, choose the fighter with the highest number of stars. Of course, you need to have enough money and a certain level to unlock it. But even if you own a fighter with a low number of stars. Then don’t worry because you can still upgrade to increase the star rating of the fighter. Thanks to the bonuses and gems that you gain after each match. The higher the level of the spaceship you upgrade, the more damage you deal.

Game Space Shooter Galaxy Attack Mod

Diverse game modes

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack owns more than 200 different levels. Corresponding to that are more than 200 missions that you need to overcome. In each level is divided into many gates, with increasing difficulty. At the final gate will be the final boss of that level. This final boss is a huge spaceship with advanced weapons and powerful firepower. And in ver Space Shooter there will be more than 200 such bosses. So there will be no shortage of new and interesting things for you to experience and discover. In addition, players can participate in online game mode to fight with friends. An opportunity for you to show off your top skills with your Crush

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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is designed using 3D graphics technology. Delivered a sharp and clear visual experience. Along with beautiful space monsters has recreated a vivid intergalactic war. The sound of the spaceship’s engine and the sound of gunfire and shells is very attractive. Coming to this game, we will be mesmerized from time to time. Just want to go from planet to planet to face new challenges. Therefore, Space Shooter has always been loved by its simple gameplay. But bring entertainment effect above all great. Download the game and become a cosmic hero. Fly your warplane to attack space monsters that protect humanity.

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