Special Agent CyberDuck Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By genzvnmod Leader - Latest update: 29/10/2023
Special Agent CyberDuck Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Name Special Agent CyberDuck
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 11MB
Requires Android 8.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Funbit


Special Agent CyberDuck Mod is an entertaining game that you will get a familiar feeling. With gameplay quite similar to the legendary Contra game on JAVA phones with us in the past. You will get those feelings again but with an extremely fun and funny interface. When the character you will control, the movie is now a duck. The duck with a gun in his hand is on a journey to rescue the hostages and destroy the bad guys. The terrain in the game is something that you are very unpredictable when you start participating. It takes a lot of experience to make you a good player.

Download Special Agent CyberDuck Mod – Special Duck’s Hostage Rescue Journey

Special Agent CyberDuck Mod is a game that you can join completely for free. With a simple and interesting gameplay, but also requires a lot of skills to handle situations in difficult levels later. It will give you a feeling of wanting to conquer more than ever. There are many levels for you to experience, from easy to difficult levels. The journey to rescue the hostages is hidden in many places on the map. There are many bad guys with different weapons waiting for you to appear to attack. You only have a certain amount of network to use. When being attacked too much, it will mean that you will run out of turns and will have to stop the unfinished journey.

Special Agent CyberDuck Mod

First Challenge

Special Agent CyberDuck Mod is a game released on both Android and iOS platforms. Can work smoothly and smoothly on most mobile phone devices on the market. After the instructions of the game, you will begin to face the first challenge. These first few challenges will always have easy levels for you to pass. The enemies will become dull and slow so you can easily kill them. But the purpose will only be so that you can adapt and get used to the way of moving and dodging the attack. Tough challenges with much stronger enemies await you ahead. You will need a high concentration and keep a minimum safe distance from the enemy if you want to pass these levels.

Tai Special Agent CyberDuck Mod

Interesting Features

Special Agent CyberDuck Mod has extremely interesting features waiting for you to experience. With the first experience, you will only be able to choose this special duck character. But when you have a certain amount of resources, you can change other characters. There are many different animals and player shapes available in the game store, for you to choose from. Along with that is a very cool weapon system, carrying different amounts of damage depending on the type. Choose the guns that have the ability to damage and play the most suitable for you to use.

Game Special Agent CyberDuck Mod

Game Graphics

Special Agent CyberDuck Mod owns a set of graphics that tend to be quite classic. Made in 2D graphics with animations with large pixels, showing the classic retro style. With this gameplay, you will feel a certain special when participating. The detail in the game will certainly be done in a moderate way, but will still clearly show the characters and surrounding context. The colors are done in a fairly neutral way, not too bright but not too dark and mysterious. A perfect combination of everything together, creating for you a game well worth the time to experience.

Download Special Agent CyberDuck Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Special Agent CyberDuck Mod version of the game. Owning an unlimited amount of money will make your experience more comfortable and easier than ever. No need to spend too much money, do not dare to spend the gold coins in the game. Now when you own this exciting feature, you can buy everything that appears in the game. Without having to hesitate or hesitate about something, what you need to do now is just experience the game in the most optimal way. A feature that only players who download this Mod version can own. Will help you outperform the players using the default version of the publisher.

Download Special Agent CyberDuck MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2023

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